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Now, you can ask Google assistant stream our live coverage of the NCAA tournament on it enabled speaker or display your Google home or Google home hawk just ask her Google assistant to play March madness on Westwood One. As you'll be taken directly to our live audio stream or the seer little Frenchman from orange park, Florida has scored the last six points for North Carolina. And they pushed the lead from fourteen back out at sixty seven forty nine. And I think he's the key for North Carolina. His ability to be consistent with each one of these games NCWA tournament. That's the guy that will help pushed him to the final four and quite possibly the championship game Washington with the basketball Jamal bay quarterback. Cam Johnson well away from the bucket on the floor. Now back to the bible bribes it passes backup. Chris thinking about three stepping back against Kobe. Several of the shot clock. The final trying to drive in almost zero came runner any school. The good decision by Mr. really got beat. So instead of trying to block the shot. He just gave up two points bibles first basket of the day inside seven minutes to go sixty seven fifty one tar heels. Right side. Toby white working. It's five. Nightside johnson. He'll fire up a wall. Once a long three for Cam Johnson who has thirteen but he caught it in rhythm caught the ball. Right foot left foot. They will the rise up and not down the three looks like us about six or eight feet behind that college three-point, lots seventy fifty-one North Carolina. Six twenty to go to the right side left hand dribble. We looking inside. Sends a pass. Backout Chris he'll fire up along. Greek barely caught the front of the rim and the rebound. The tar heels. Kenny Williams has it front court for Carolina ballots Pasco be white started to drive their ballots, passed Johnson underneath a little puts it up and. Great to troll by literally goes up get the ball. Noel, welcome from the back side to try to block it. But he's still able to finish Jamal bay is foul by Cam Johnson. Who said I didn't even touch the shoveled off on me. But Johnson is called for the foul. His second version of this little fifteen second half, eighteen freshman. He gets a standing ovation when the Carolina Panthers. He comes off what he thought about freshman inconsistency. Remember he was the guy that game on Friday with nineteen points. Now the ability to follow up on this game. I'm still at five forty eight to go. Carolina largest lead up twenty one Dallas Pasco Carter in the lane. Mystic. New rebound Lucile would Maples down. But then this past kicked off. Here's Carter in the bay. He went up and got knocked out of his fans. And then it went off the Cam Johnson players on both sides on both sides. I mean, how many times it Luke maye touch the basketball? But it was never way of looking at me shaking his head. He was never able to graph the basketball. Washington DC. Well, that's no good. Offensive rebound. Messiah Cardiff dribbles away from the double team back out for the huskies reset cavalier roles dribble. Dumps it inside Dickerson from behind. Noah Dickerson will be on Washington. Senior dickerson. That's a frustration foul by Luke maye that time because he had his hands on the ball so many times, but never was able to get a possession because of that. Now Washington is going to the free throw line..

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