CNN, White House, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Excuse me. I'm not responding to you. I'm talking to this gentleman. His me excuse me. Would you place? It. CNN's argument is very straightforward that the first amendment is meant for the press to be able to act on behalf of the American people and the public in getting information and here when the White House revoked Mr Costa's press pass it's clear was based on the content of his reporting. The fact that he was asking tough questions and has been doing that the President Trump in the White House has repeatedly challenged and attacks CNN and mister Acosta, and it's really a classic first amendment viewpoint content based discrimination against speech, and we can't have the White House or government officials arbitrarily tossing people are the White House or other government facilities. Just because they don't like what they're saying. Or what they're reporting. That's what happened here that violates the first amendment CNN tried to work this out. Requested that the past be restored. Mr. Kosta was denied a day pass in France. Even though the French government allowed would've allowed him to go cover President Trump's appearance at a cemetery. But the White House has basically just been. Ignoring these requests. So we really had no choice, but to we didn't want to have to go to court. We wanted to just report the news, Mr. Kosta wants to report the news CNN wants report, the news. So that's what the courts are for the first amendment and the fifth amendment arguments, the due process organs are very strong. We're asking for emergency relief because every day that this past has been revoked is a first amendment violation. And it's irreparable harm in the words of the law..

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