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Get ready for your deemed dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guy oh and experience to help find success in any marketing capacity you're listening to marketing school with your instructors meal patel and eric soon welcome to another episode of marketing school i'm eric zoo and our meal patel and today it we're going to talk about if tv advertising is really worth it neil what are your thoughts around this in general have you done any tv ads i have not but we are in canada the other day together and we were o with a friend without mentioning his name because he works at a company that does the tenant tv advertising and he made an interesting point so with tv advertising when he was deemed for his company they're huge brand like everyone knows me i don't care where you live in the world you know about them but there online marketing space roy increases by twenty two fifty percent every time there running tv ads it's not that more people learning about their brand but because they're seeing it more frequently their cost per quick and their conversion rates when you compound everything the roy increases by another twenty to fifty percent and some people say you know when wondered when they turned their facebook ads off in you know their video ads off they see like a negative negative drop right so it's the same thing with tv your people are seeing your videos overtime and i think when we had that conversation with that guy we were talking about this one company uh this other company called vago that is showing up everywhere you see their adds everywhere like if you're watching sports for example see a random tra vago and you know the comment was made that travel go sox at everything other than tv at other than tv ads yeah and that which is interesting 'cause i actually don't see much many tarago ads online but you do see their ads in person everywhere i just came back from brazil trafalgar ads all over the tv funny enough sometimes it's the same person in the us i'm guessing they speak different languages.

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