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I knew that. Might treated the clubs with a little bit. Not Leniency, but I would have treated the clubs with a better respect for how hard it is what they do but but since then I have tried to. I'm not saying gene I wasn't 1887. Let's put it that way when I was A. You know ready to file rightful. It's hard because when you are it, you're in it every day from that perspective where your job was. It's hard not to feel that way because it does get so contentious so quickly, but you're right like I. especially in this moment in time I've been trying to. Trying to tell people and trying to make people understand that baseball games even baseball games without fans in the stands to put them on a really hard thing in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. With all the different concerns that need to be addressed, we have to have patience we have to as a country as baseball fans in his baseball players. We have to have patience and say. There is a way I think there is a way forward here, but. The respect for how difficult it is like you said to put on baseball. CanNot be understated. Also you literally a unique. Belt this hasn't happened in one hundred and two years, so no one has ans- out of intellectual Miltie that you approach these. It isn't like a regular typical negotiation across the table to replace. Net The nineteen ninety seven basic agreement something like that this is a this is a very complicated subject, but and may have strong you're you're entitled strong feelings about? But. You. Can't commit to the species discussions. You know the scene with the same kind of. View of the world. As you as you bring to. The the wreck typical negotiation. At, one of the things the question of How hard you work, behalf of used to laugh about this all the time, but whenever anybody beat me up in the press I'd get calls from place. A g. must be doing something. So I would sell these guys. You don't understand. I kept sent Colt bummer Iraq. Jail you understand this. I get up tomorrow morning. If you write that, I'm going to get a call from you know how whiter he's going to judge..

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