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Now back to Jeff Regan investigator Wandered off in a daze I headed back to the bottom of crossing the Frencesco hotel a phone booth was empty I called. My boss Anthony j Lyon. Has him. The phone Chicago up. Everything he could on boots Crenshaw and longshot Koi volley was added I told him to. Check out a man named Stevens The line was. Going to be busy. For a while so I pulled up a bias do Then it hit. Me I'd counted in everybody but the fat guy in the blue and gold convertible headed for my car on hurry on that was too. Late it in Regan I've been waiting for you, sitting behind the, wheel watching the fawn Gun in his hand was. Big steady added show up sooner or later just, like Crenshaw in Are. You, gonna want you to keep out of this I told, you it was nothing but trouble she I was right trouble This time. I, brought my knuckles rating No answer That. Is shame When I came out of there was me and more fog The guy with the brass knuckles was gone Shakeout the fog get up Third try Streep. Was empty and when I got out even the vampire, smell good made my way back into the vine found the phone booth and a nickel the lion, Anson Have you been it's been over analysis you go to find out lamb Jeffrey my boy. I've found out? Everything bought every okay. Out you'll be proud of me Proud indeed. We ever get to it Very well I found out boots Crenshaw was in, nineteen forty six fairgrounds trag Shelvin three hundred. Thousand added he was. Right Ingo Stephen. Stabilize every. That's true how did you know on the name of the? Jade lady the favorite post position to, include screen Joe wearing blue and gold Staples Kanas You're absolutely shaky Where, was. I oh yes Oh spell well pulling away as he. Came into the home stretch he. Was raising on the real those who said. Oops, deliberately through the race however the racing Stewart. Said it. Was an accident don't. Stop boots was laid up the. Chicago hospital was eventually recovered the city with these wife traveled extensively and. Then game to? Los Angeles Show gantry why don't you get a long shot caught It, was picked. Up a couple. Of, times. For bookmaking otherwise. Clean record I finish it oh wait I almost, forgot, there's one, thing. More is the belief that located Susan Crenshaw boots wipe they've arrested on suspicion. Of the murder of? A husband, at really finishes it what do. You mean I mean the, guy we need a Stevens the owner of j lady. The horse boots was riding when he took the fall you say. He's behind this Jeffrey makes sense that way Bruce losses. Up a one hundred thousand, dollar purse thought has to be destroyed Stevens not only. Loses the race but some people say boots framed him I see what you mean Stevens follows. Boots to Los Angeles that's, up the contact then settles a scar Jeffrey I've, got news for you Okay what? Moves. Your sure about Mr Stevens okay. So we're, supposed to, left town you know something different go Mr Stevens did. Leave town quite some time? Ago what, are you getting us in fact it safety. Say he is not, coming back you see. My boy your number one. Suspect Mr Stevens is dead Good night.

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