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Did you ever did you ever see Family Guy you ever watch that show? Use the low Family Guy. Do you remember the episode where I think stewie locks up Cleveland and what's the guy who drives the Chevy like ashes all over his name? Such as the G yeah. When stewie locks them up in the cellar on the chains and then he puts like an infomercial on and it's on loop and they're constantly repeating it, repeating it repeating it and then when they end the show, they go down there and the two guys are there and they're reciting what the infomercial is and they do it in synchronicity and they just constantly over. I wonder if people who binge our show because I read this same anti update thing every week and like I almost closed my eyes when I do it now because I can do it by memory almost completely. And I just wonder if there's people out there just like with their eyes or glazed over their droning on. They're like, joining any of fans goof Facebook page, and get feedback on it, you know. Reasonably sure you're correct because we haven't sold a damn T-shirt at once..

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