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A lot of teams without star power. Don't get calls. But Orlando's not exactly No Lakers, right? No, no, I mean, you know, And this was eight. Freed from the free throw line of bushy rich who got off really early or my Yeah. Yeah, he was 17 of 29 for 43 points a career high. He had 19 rebounds last night. And then he even he hits the basket down down the stretch, which actually help them hold on and get the get The victory over the Bulls final was 1 23 1 19, but, yeah, I mean, they don't go to the basket. They don't grow strong. And you're not. Laurie Market is out. It looks like for tonight's game, one of the rarest back to backs that they've had so far this season, and they were fans in the stands. I know maybe they were bashful they didn't want. They don't want to go out out and, you know, impress right off the bat with actual fans in the stands, which was interesting to see I'm really waiting to see whether it's going to happen here because it seems like a lot of these places that are having fans in the stands. They're doing a great job of separating the people and everything else and And, you know, eventually we got to get back to normal life. Today. I'm getting coming out of the parking lot and I get to the door, leaving the parking lot and realized I don't have my mask on yet, and I just start swearing. It's like Damn mask and tired of where this damn thing and eventually this will all go away. People will have vaccinations. Hopefully, once you can get one, get one, um And don't worry, you know, whatever. Um, but it's so frustrating and you just can't wait to see fans in the stands again. Baseball's about ready to start start. I'm a soccer fan. They baseball if we just started, I guess he gets here on time. But the union wasn't buying into the Right to the month away. Even though we talked about that thought it seemed like a prudent plan they were going to cut their pro rate salaries. It just seemed like they wanted to make sure they had their playoff games and major fans in the stands on a second half of the season when people start getting vaccinated. But that being what said, you know, going back? Said to the Bulls. Bashful or not, I mean the marketing thing. I really want to see him have a full season here and maybe in Billy Donovan said. They're not sure how bad the injury is. But he tried to play through it. He got injured the first quarter left in the third quarter. He was having the season. I was hoping you would have with the 19.6 point. 6.2 rebounds. 51% shooting, You know, shooting from threes again because he just last two years. Event injury plagued and here we go again, but he's in a contract year. They couldn't get a deal done, and I'd still like to know what they have here in them. And, you know, does he fit in their plans, moving forward and Here's hoping the spring shoulder isn't a big A deal is it might be, but any setbacks for him he can ill afford in terms of maybe a contract. Upcoming But for the Bulls evaluation process any time this is going to be a little bit problematic for the front office, 3123323776 let us know what you think. What's going on with the Bulls. Right now, Again, I say there's almost every week. So he's the biggest Bulls fan that working at the station and throughout the course of the game, he'll be tweeting constantly. You know, no matter if it's a Wednesday night game, where Friday night like last night against Orlando, he's tweeting and texting about the game and everything else. And if you're a Bulls fan, would you be upset if they moved? Maybe Jack Levin or both Zach Lavine and Laurie Market is Hey, listen, these guys now come in. They see a different different way. They want to go. Um You know, I love what we see from Patrick Williams. Last night he had 20 points became what the youngest bull to ever scored. 20 points in the NBA game. He comes in. That's what you like to see rookies do. He comes in, They put him in the lineup. And he just performs. He does what he's used to doing playing basketball a bunch of against another team. It's so much fun watching this guy play even if he screws up here and there, you know, he's 19. Don't worry, we'll figure it out. But we even even with the 20 points and the good game at last night that I like Patrick Williams. Highlight for me was earlier in the week. When Sacco vein was videotaping or recording on his phone the hatch of Williams with the snow brush in scraper, trying to get the snow office car outside the United Center. And he offered. You said he will be in game $5 that he did. His cartoons is five or 500. He said. Welcome to Chicago. Yeah, enjoy. Enjoy the weather. Yeah, well, you know, it happens every once in a while, people people say all the time they ask about you know what the better fish what the benefits of having a house are. Well, there's many of them. There's also a lot of things you gotta do the garden together. Keep the house up. But you have a garage Most of the time. You know, having a garage is like it, Z. I don't know what underrated. I guess People don't think about that a lot. But there's like a month or two in Chicago. Where you thank God do you ever graduate? As you look at all these people scraping their car, digging their cars out and all of us And you just like, pull out of your garage. Like like the bat like Batman Back in the day you pull out from underneath a rock, you know, with his bone chilling cold your cars and got started. Exactly right. I left. My car was somewhere the other day where my car was outside overnight and I went to open my car. All the doors were frozen until I rattle them of little bit and open him up. It's not an old car to 2012. But, you know, I know usually no problem, And I think the car was just complaining. It's like, really. You're believing me outside. We've got a garage. Why are you not in your garage? And yet? I think it was very being very stubborn. But you know what else? My brother stayed over. Three weeks ago, one of the playoff games late playoff game, he said, I want a drink. Can I stay over there? And they said, Yeah, but I had to work the next morning On Sunday morning, it was during the wild card playoffs. And they said, OK, that's fine. So we go out to his car. It's 6 30 in the morning and we're scraping in the cul de sac. We're scraping his car. He's scraping, I'm scraping and all of a sudden I realized Way everybody might call the.

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