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Let's get to the newsroom and Vic Vaughn. Thanks. Good morning. It's overcast in twenty eight degrees at O'Hare wind chill of nineteen above other. Teachers strike begins today in Chicago at this one charter school teachers at four Chicago international charter school campuses, Jin Conan dismantle at north town academy speaking late last night. Here tonight ready to go on strike tomorrow morning to be on the picket lines because see ICS has chosen to put management greed ahead of our students means CIC says classes are not canceled. They brought in substitute teachers President Trump's White House. Schedule has been leaked to the press that they reveal the majority of his time is reserved for what he calls the executive time. ABC senior national correspondent Terry Moran has the breakdown hand the White House response. Nearly sixty percent of Trump scheduled time has been spent in unstructured executive time only fifteen percent informal meetings less than eight percent attending events. Aides say the president often scheduled spur of the moment meetings. And sometimes keeps them off his official schedule another government shutdown his ten days away. ABC's Mary Bruce says those in charge of making sure it doesn't happen. Again, haven't made much progress has been one meeting so far on the hill of this conference that the group of lawmakers from both chambers. Trying to get together hammer out some kind of deal. But you know, we watched that meeting. It was a lot of talk not a lot of what appear to be real heartfelt negotiations. Both sides are still where they have been for the past several weeks Democrats who want to give the president that while president assisting. He's gonna get that and the National Transportation Safety board continues collecting evidence in Yorba, Linda, California, it's trying to figure out why a plane did a nose dive into a neighborhood on Sunday, killing the pilot, a former Chicago police officer and four people inside that home ABC's. Alec stone is in Los Angeles. The plane took off piloted by seventy five year old former Chicago police officer Antonio teeny climbed seventy eight hundred feet and then something went horribly wrong. The plane ripping apart in on fire came falling out of the clouds NTSB investigator in charge Maya Smith, says pieces of the plane are spread over many blocks. This is one of the challenges that we have right now is to be able to gather and collect all the parts. It's believed the four victims who died inside of a home. We're members of a family at a super. Bowl party. Alex stone, ABC news, Los Angeles. We'll check sports, traffic and weather next on WGN. Style light.

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