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Near you join their team apply a giant food dot com. BACKSLASH careers. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p. Traffic Storm Team Forest by extend offered with our forecast sleet, snow will continue to push across the entire region over the next several hours. Look for mainly rain across the southern and eastern suburbs. Roads will be quite slippery across the media Metro area until we gotta change over to rain later this afternoon, Father to the north and west, mainly snow, mixing with sleet and freezing rain this afternoon, quite a mess. Travel wise. Restoration the thirties across much of the region to forties across the southern and eastern suburbs. Heavy rain instead will taper off tonight. I'm starting for meteorologist Mike Stanford Snow falling 28 degrees in Washington. This'll is w t o p your resource for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T o p. Never miss a moment w T O P s top news has brought to you by long fence 20% off savings on fences, tax and papers. Go to long fence dot com. Good morning. I'm work. Lois and I, Deborah Feinstein. Jocelyn Jessen is our producer coming up. We have snow falling across much of our region right now. Some others, though, are seeing rain today. What the stuff falling from the sky in Northern Virginia. Sounds like I'm Christi King. Also today. Senate hearing focuses on the presidential election and issues related to mail in voting on Capitol Hill. I'm Mitchell Miller mixed on Wall Street, the Dow is down 33 points. NASDAQ Up 33 the S and P is down. Seven. It's 11 31. Many parts of our area have been seeing snow falling for about an hour or more this morning. Let's go live now to storm team force. Mike Standiford, who's watching radar and good morning mark much as you mentioned, most of us sing some light snow, modern snow right now, in a few areas and across southern Maryland, we're seeing a messy mix of snow and freezing rain, rain and sleep. The radar is showing that the precipitation is picking up in intensity. And I'm thinking much of the area from I 95 westward will see several hours of snow to sleep before eventually get a change over to rain, But Rosie could be quite slick across the region. I can tell you across portions of the district right now. Untreated. Secondary roads in alleys are starting to get rather slit. So we are going to see this snow continue for the next several hours. It's gonna change over to sleep from south to North. Eventually, even the northern suburbs. For the Frederick area and also westward toward the blue original. See snow changing over to freezing rain and sleep before that happens several inches of accumulation, and we're still concerned about the possibility of a significant icing event across our western suburbs and across portions of our northern suburbs, too. So, especially on the ice 66 corridor to the west of Haymarket, and on to 70 once we get in another Montgomery County And in Frederick County, washing over the possibility some ice later on this afternoon because that winter storm watches and winter weather advisories continue for the next several hours and I'll be back in just a couple of minutes with your complete forecast. All right. Thank you. Mike, and our team coverage continues now, as W T O. P is watching road conditions for us in the Fairfax County portion of Alexandria in northern Virginia, about four miles south of the Alexandria Beltway. The instrument thermometer says 35 degrees asleep coming down. Sounds like frying bacon. Crystal pebbles are beginning to gather on cold surfaces like my vehicle that hasn't moved every so often a breeze makes the wind chimes set off. The neighborhood streets here have been well striped with pre product to prevent icing in northern Virginia Christi King w T o P News stay with us here on your weather Alert station will keep you posted on everything related to the Winter storm today. In other news at this hour, a Senate hearing is underway examining the security of the recent presidential election and reigniting some political tensions more from W. T. O P S Mitchell Miller on Capitol.

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