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Shooting. It's time to ban. The type of military grade assault weapons in the state of Florida better used by our military overseas on our enemies on the battlefield seventeen. People killed in the attack one year ago this Thursday alleged killer was armed with a semiautomatic rifle that similar to an AR fifteen to middle school students in south Florida accused of plotting to shoot at a school and kill a teacher on Valentine's Day this Thursday. A teacher at Southwood middle school in palmetto bay received a friend request in a direct message on Instagram saying quote, next on Valentine's Day, the teacher called police police traced the social media threat to the thirteen year olds who confessed Miami Dade police arrested both teams they now face charges of aggravated stalking written threats to kill and are in juvenile custody by me police are seeking a suspect that was dressed as a delivery, man. They believe stole a million dollars in jewelry suspect was dressed as a UPS worker and carried a box as he got buzzed in. Into time boutique jewelers on Saturday evening. He then pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded entry into the safe. The suspect reportedly tied the victim's hands and feet and struck the victim with the firearm before leaving is Ricky bowl. Newstalk eight fifty WF TST license plate option coming to Florida. That's the bee's knees for an extra twenty five bucks. You can get a plate that reads save the bees the money from the plates will help pay for research at the state's new honeybee lab in Gainesville. Lot of the work done on honeybees is funded by chemical companies and the tests that they run our tests that benefit the chemical company, so Al Salat pick with the Florida state beekeepers association says the funds will go toward trying to spark interest in beekeeping. A fifty wwl news time is eight thirty four time for traffic..

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