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The other people getting there's that too thank you again so take your right now the suspect faces six counts of firstdegree burglary his bail has been set at two hundred ten thousand dollars reporting live in marino valley i'm tony shin nbc four news after four years of covering the case we heard a guilty verdict today in the trial of our the case rather of eightyearold gabriel fernandez his moms boyfriend convicted of torture and murder nbc force patrick keeley was in the courtroom as that verdict came down at a verdict that brought tears to the prosecutors eyes patrick carol in the testimony in this case had been painful the hear what a gone man could due to an eightyearold child in his care now with this verdict the convicted potentially faces the death penalty people of the state of california versus sorrow a gary after a month of trial four and a half years after eight year old gabriel fernandez who was beaten and tortured repeatedly before it killed him it took six hours of deliberation then only half a minute to read the verdict that his mother's boyfriend is guilty of the crime of murder in the first degree the killer cell roy deary stared straight ahead unflinching after the verdict prosecutor john itami hugged gabriel's biological father and so to detective timol quinn a private moment but khatami shared the emotion all mmd near he's a dad so sorry being it was just it was just too this guy justice also in the courtroom a fund of.

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