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In the office with Rian Fran give you that Friday energy on a Monday, we hope you had a fantastic weekend enjoying the fall Chris weather even though it is not officially follow yet. We still hope you're enjoying that Francia wine that we've been talking about all summer long every single podcast we remind you in the beginning that you need to be drinking France. Yet wines they have. All different types of wine. Whatever's your favorite it's white it's red. It's whatever you like and it's six and a half bottles of wine in one box. So you're not just getting one bottle. You're not getting two bottles your gas six and a half in one one box Norman's like fuck? Yeah. That's right. Mom keep on them to drink that. France. You know what? Like you said we're getting into the Chris Weather. Maybe getting a little chillier, which means we're heading into red season I. Know some people drink red all year round I'm one of those people but there are you know I feel like it's more generally expected that you drink red wine when it's colder outside people are like I can't drink red wine in the summer. I think that's ridiculous. Anyway, we people regret wine when it's cold. So we're getting to that point they have amazing red's Nice Cabernet Nice children maybe like your read a little bit you know on the colder side Tab is Dan Damper wise. Yeah that's my mom likes status. Well, you know people you say the traditional way or supposed to leave your read at like room temperature but sometimes when it's cold, it is fantastic and Francia has every variety of red wine that you would like to drink. They have it go stock up now stock up on that Chile will read for your cold months. Now just like my mouth was watering sum for for some nice red wine cold, and now the exact can't forget has be called even though all everyone's GonNa. have to drink room temperature. We're not doing that room temperature tillable read only for hiring doing on this. Lovely. Sunday afternoon. I'm well, like I said last week I have been at a camp in New Hampshire shutout camp knock if you. If you have anyone that in the future, you know right now they're they obviously didn't have camp this summer. But if you know anybody WANNA send a boy to camp, he's between the ages of seven seven nineteen is an all boys camp camp warnicke. Joe My boyfriend, his sister and her husband run this camp. It's fantastic. We got a little bit of taste of camp experience got zip-line takes kayaks out. You know there's just so many activities they. It's obviously a boys camp endless activities. And it was nice. But I definitely got a taste of the colder weather because it was beautiful during the day and then cold at night like forty in the high forty s and did it make you angry or did it make you feel good? Knows Nice. Sounds good right like yeah we had a nice fire going I. had a beanie on Oh. Yeah. You know in this day and age any sort of change is block now it's like Oh you know we've been dealing with hot warm weather for so long. Give us something cold. Let's feel something a little bit shocker system because I feel like everyone's so numb to everything now like bad news after bad news after bad news. Yeah. Dice delayed weather to shock your system a nice campfire song. It was really nice and then you know it is Sunday football is back. NFL is back at I. Just finished watching the Eagles game that was.

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