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If you turn in your like to now. I mean you're a great girl, but I don't like you. We're not friends. I would be eating into the of it that I like, you know the on the floor crying the fact that could hold her mine Lee didn't see just goes quietly. I mean, I just don't think we need to like drill, basically, like drill down into the details of it. I thought we were Carol. We are friends clone. John, Carol cruel. It's like in high school. When like a guy doesn't want to be seen dating a certain girl as but he is. And then in public, he's like, I hate that girl and it's like, look, Carol. You've already done the worst thing, which is show everyone your friends with Tinsley. That was the worst Inada done at least standby exactly to that was embarrassing to backtrack on. It was cruel already been embarrassed. Now you're just being cruel and Carol loves her friendship with Cassandra gray so much who's like, you know, a beauty maven, and I will say, like, I love her store. Sure. She's a class was one that said that skinny girl stuff own. So look, there's obviously validity in what she's saying, which is like, and it did make me think it's, I guess Guinea ran is a fucking old school brand. It is. It feels it's five years ago, but it feels like that's not where we're at right now, of course, but it's a brand it's out there. I don't like, yes, of course it does. And that's a really great point. But for Carol, to put that out there that she. That was so mean to take away what Beth Bethany is greatest love Bethany is greatest love is skinny, girl jeans, yes and ham, but just like she did built it. She built it with sweat and tears and sacrificing everything. She had to build skinny girls. So to have this other woman and her like laughing in a car talking about best was when she was like, you know, I did do skin and go this. That and Carroll says, I was the first person to put that skinny girl, hard hat on leakier fucking hero schedule. So disgusting. I think the end of Carol and Bethany friendship was when she anada broke up. I think she was mad about the Brigham with Adam paramount. I came to this last night. I think she was mad about the break up with Adam because even though she broke up with him, I think that I feel like she wanted more from him and he wasn't willing to give it. This is my. And so when that broke apart, she was angry, but she didn't want to put it on Adam because that's cool guy. Cougar? Carol wouldn't do that. She breaks up with guys, no big. She's friends with everybody and she took it out on Bethany. I agree. I think she completely became unhinged after this break with Adam because I think she was and I do know some girls like this, although they're typically written by men in romantic comedies or like, I just don't want all those can hang up Sam. I, I'm the one that doesn't want to get married. I love and I wear a fucking leather jacket and like that's not me y'all. Yeah. And that was what like carols brand was. But then I think she was unraveling much like her cushions on her couch and she's obviously unwrap unraveling like on our Tex chain. I mean, you know, Shira who. As you know, team team, Carol just spending. Gifts of Mariah Carey, that's that's what we're dealing with. That's what we're looking at. She's just, I want to say one of my favorite quotes in the episode was from Sonia back to red scarf guy. She goes, nobody wants to read guy. He doesn't even live in Manhattan. Listen a borough. What are we doing here? Okay. Someone else tweeted man named John e. These are pretty cool that Carol's the first person on this earth to ever finish a marathon. The marathon package to have another one was so upset and have given more due to this marathon package than we gave to any any thing else than to like. You know, brianna is like health scare. You know what I mean? Like we have given so much. I've got nothing left to give that fucking marathon. Had seven Cosmo parties for this marathon new row, two pages for Cosmo lake. You know, the look, the Carol cab giving that made me so angry and upset is when she would look down kind of a scant like to.

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