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We're going oxy's not in here. Yeah Foxy as far as I see him. He's walking with coffee. We are live. We are live Fox. We are lot. Hello Hi it is Thursday April thirtieth. And you're watching Mac to fee and Hawks Sports Talk I am Pat. Mcafee to my left is the handsome blue eyed defined Jolla line. Aj Hawk Yeah. What's happening seven goes? Aj Big Day. I mean foxy wasn't in here for the coffee. But he's back the boys and I are pumped to talk to you about everything happening in the world in a news that we are breaking over here in Indianapolis Indiana on a daily basis. What kind of news are you breaking on a daily basis especially today? Well We. We didn't break it per se. Somebody else broke it from their house and facetime dinar show. Break it from our house. Today beyond cloudy could be a jet a titan or even potentially a brand of the rams might be broke in James Winston no other offers other than the New Orleans Saints. That's what we were told this morning and I'm intrigued by. These are all interesting news things that are being talked about. I want to start with the Jamie's thing I I don't know I mean I guess that's breaking news that he who reported that he didn't get any other offers well. I think most people wasn't the guy you had on your show this morning. Well he didn't really say that nobody has come out openly other than Mark Madden who is Mark Ryden is just a legendary Radio Pittsburgh personality. He said that there's no way the steelers have come out and said we did not negotiate any contract with any veteran but no other team has come out and said that they had interest in Jameson in Jameis. Winston has not come out and said that any other teams that interest in them other than that multiple teams he had more lucrative offers decided to go to the saints so I think his team trying to spend the narrative that another team wanted to sign him but ultimately he ends up in the right spot so I mean him at the New Orleans Saints withdrew. Oh Yeah drew brees retiring after this year and that was more news broke this morning by Charles Robinson of Yahoo. This is last year the people around him saying it all the deals that are structured tastes. Hillsdale is basically a one year deal. James Winstons. Deal is a one year deal. Everything right now is who's going to be the next person after drew brees allegedly. So there's a lot of news coming out on her so I guess for. Jamie is being a good situation on top of this learning from that quarterback room which I know what it's like getting a Harvard degree quarterback play and the football. Yeah Harvard degree in the football as opposed to having a google it. Quite a shot at Bruce Arians. Clyde Christianson Byron left which Tom more in the boys over in Tampa Bay? But I do think if you get a chance to watch film drew brees. You're probably going to become a better player at assume that helps your. I guess so. I Guess James is hoping that he doesn't often practice and shows these coaches and that team that he deserves. Another contract wants drew does retire. Yeah and then. That's the big question going forward. They have maintained the fact that taste. Some hell is their quarterback of the future. He's only thrown the ball. Seven Times to New Orleans Saints Players James Winston already leads in Jameis. Winston has during the ball to New Orleans saints players ten times in his career so he has more completions not only for the Tampa Bay buccaneers and in his NFL CAREER. But he says more completions to the team that he's joining then the other backup quarterback that's on the team so. I think this is a hey take one point one million dollars if you can figure out this offense in fit in you're probably going to have a good shot of being the starter but everybody says that. Sean Payton and the saints are one hundred percent sold on Tesa mill. So I have no idea how it works out from your position though outside of the by you outside of the crescent city if you were looking at this and Jameis Winston who just got lace surgery and can finally see license plates so he can tell companies for hit and runs down in Florida. He just got his eyes fixed. Would you rather have Jameis Winston going forward or tale? A person that Sean Payton has described as their Steve Young. I haven't seen enough of taste him yet. I haven't seen tasted like I WANNA see tastes just starting quarterback play a full game at the quarterback position. He's absolutely dynamic guy. There's not many players in the NFL. I mean can you name any got under the guys like him? That can do as much as he doesn't. Offense aside and special teams. Jalen hurts does next year for Philadelphia Eagles. Doug Peterson told Italian guy. Espn SOUTH AND SAL PAOLANTONIO. And a text message. Doug Peterson core head coach. The Philadelphia Eagles former quarterback with the Green Bay packers and such won a super bowl with Nick Vos at the helm. He Texted Sal Paolantonio. That what they loved about Jalen hurts was he had a unique skill set or something of that nature and he can run the ball well and he could do this in Sao Paulo. Donyo basically came out and said that it sounds like they are going to expect. Jalen hurts to be on the field a lot alongside Carson Palmer Kinda like in a hopeful tastes him. He'll like roll is what it sounded like. I'm not armed. Percents sure but that is what it sounded like. Is that a position that they're going to try to continue to build on around the league. Because you've seen the success that taste and Bilas had on on the defensive side of the ball. We had brandon flowers on. He said when Tesa milk comes on the field you have no idea if he's running back tight end if he's a slot receiver outside receiver. So you don't always know the formation or what defense. The call is a real weapon. And do you think there will be plenty of people that can do it? Tastes hell does. I'm thinking not but maybe jalen hurts. Kim No there's very few people that can do what Tastes Hill can do. I don't know jalen hurts. Is the same kind of player. Jalen hurts. Deathly dynamic quarterback. That can do it. He can. He's true runner and passard super athletic. But I don't know if he's GonNa be lineup at slot receiver and catch and touchdown passes like tastes Hilas. Eat finishing runs run through people? I have no idea I I have no clue. I have no. I don't I guess Doug Peterson has a reason and he called Carson Palmer by Art Carson Palmer Wakes Carson Wentz he medical correspondent under the relationship but Carson Wentz was called the day before the draft right before they drafted Jalen hurts. He was called by the Eagles. I would assume with Doug Peterson said to him was like hey. You've seen the success that Baltimore had with the Mark Jackson. We've seen the success that taste had down there. We're going to try to get a guy that's a little bit more athletic. I want to let you know though. This is not taking your job from you. This is just because this is what we're thinking by the way which I think if that was done to Aaron Rodgers would have probably been a little bit more well received did happen but if it did then that would have been one every was on our show. That probably didn't happen. But I think that is probably the thought or the thinking and I'm pumped to see if it works for Jalen hurts because Tim Tebow. They wanted to do that with Tim. Tebow right. He was playing for their team. They ran a fake against colts but on film he wasn't really blocking anybody. They were just hoping that nobody would rush. Because Tim Tebow could run a fake. And by the way we didn't rush and they still complete a seam on fourth down on the punt from. Tim. Tebow Tebow mania obviously took off firemen Edwards celebrators. But I think they tried to do with. Tibo didn't work out. Tastes mills come in and kind of debunked a lot of theories. Jillian adamant quarterback now being a great wide receiver. You Go back to Antoine Wrandell. Whose quarterback Matt Good Wide Receiver. I think there is a couple of people that can make it happen. It's Jalen hurts going to be the next one. We'll see. Yeah you might be Antwan. Randle el He. He was a guy that could do it on. He started at quarterback in Indiana College. He was an absolute stud. He threw a touchdown. Pass to Hines Ward in the Super Bowl didn't he? Then they skipped and stop young. James had any offers. I don't I think James Winstons people just like whenever gronk retired. The narrative was in by the way he's had a great retirement. He's been on Fox. He's been on mass singer. He was also wrestlemainia. Whenever he retired the framing of the retirement from his agent was gronk thing in by stepping away from the field to pursue a lucrative acting career a lucrative acting career. So that was an interesting line for me. 'cause I'm like oh he's already got acting jobs lined up. That was trying to paint the narrative like this is probably what he wants to get into. If anybody would like to make an offer here we go. I think that same thing was happening with James Worthy data. They want to paint the narrative there was interest in Jamus. We just WanNa let you know. We took this one because it was smarter which is a smart play by them. But then you would expect as a radio show host asked to talk about. Nfl moves and stuff like that. I wanted to hear what other team it was so I could tell. Oh this team's probably GONNA be interested in Cam Newton and his well or maybe Andy Dalton but those those teams never came out so I feel like I'm kind of getting fucked in this whole thing. Well those teams are never gonNA come out publicly on their own. It could get leaked out. It's almost I mean you got a big demand and I understand that if you're genus agent in everyone you WanNa make it. Seem like a SMART. There's either fielding offers from everybody and we're going to go to the highest bidder. Most likely I mean I'm sure there was other teams that sniffed around impossibly were exploring the option of signing Jameis Winston. But it probably wasn't much more money than he signed for New Orleans for one million dollars. Hope they were all sniffing around. It's a great I think it's great signing by the saints. I mean you don't have to invest much money at all in a backup quarterback that could potentially become your next franchise quarterback go ahead snoop around. I I spilled water out of my mouth while you were talking. There dripped off my beard dumb justice currently sitting on my shorts that so it looks like a little bit. I think you stand up. Let me see. I don't know how people wear these three quarters by the way. This is my first time where it's been scratching. My I think a lot of clean shaved people where this reporter It adds a Golfer Golfer. Looked clean shave golfers yeah. They zipped all the way up is a little tough. That's how you're supposed to wear. I guess right here. That is a good look under the talk. Oh going no on D. Shirt with the three court I never. I never wear the under and I'm never wear a Hoodie. Now Ho Ho what is going on but if you get I do get hot. That's why I don't wear the but if you get hot base was that is that fleece on the inside I mean. Is it really warm? It's forty got this when I went to Japan by the way. Go See your militar. No big deal nice. No big deal. This is just a turtleneck now. It doesn't even look like a mock because the zip it does look weird on you to see you first off weren't slaves. You're like Rick Bond back in the day major league. Thank you especially this. Three-quarters nip at the older generation will where a lot of play. Rick Vaughn is GonNa WanNa play on this particular. You showed earlier today. You know I'm at the bottom of a barrel when it comes to close to where I saw this thing deep deep pocket other closet. I seen it way back here. Let me see that and I had blue shorts on by the way when I found the shadows like well. Fuck gotta go to khaki shorts instead here so now. I'm trying to do my uppity move here. I'm trying to look professional on beautiful April thirtieth speaking of Professional. The Rams aren't paying clay matthews anything. Why is Clay Matthews after publicly going after the rams for not getting his money? Why does he have to sue a team in the NFL? That is allegedly worth billion of dollars to get his two million in unpaid guarantees back from them. This is not a good look for the. Nfl players are now having the sue them for money that was guaranteed to them. This is wild scenario. Wild scene what do you think this is happening? Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports made a joke but then kinda followed up on it. Maybe the rams are going broke. Maybe the rams they're building a new stadium that's going to be six seven billion dollars. They didn't send their scouts combine to save some money. They started doing all these other things to kind of cut cast. They started unloading contracts. They started doing all this stuff. Are The rams broke in? Why does clay matthews after sue for his money's pay that man he's Miami Rounders love it but my question is I thought they would when clay publicly tweeted at him when he and girly went out to the rams I thought that was enough to spurn some action from the rams back all right we get it? We may not. Oh you this for a couple more weeks we're GONNA pay right now. Make it happen but then less need the rams. Gm has come out and said yes he is. These are owed money. They will get paid their money. It's a guarantee but there's some contract language. I guess that we're working through. I guess they disagree on whenever the League Year starts. So you're going to pay him..

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