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Synthetic oil. It's Castrol edge. You got challenged question Mexico shirt, shits, Patrick on Instagram, shins, Patrick. Yeah. All right on Instagram wants to know hash that casual challenge and he writes in all caps. When are you teaching nor McDonald how to drive. Fair question. Should custody. You know, it's tough. I look, I say this with all due respect, but norm Donald is insane hot. He's clinically insane, hilarious, but he's insane. You're right. Everyone loves norm thinks he's funniest shit, and whenever we get together was like, oh, you norm you norm. That's awesome. You and norm. And I go, right? And he doesn't drive. He can't drive. He won't drive, which is weird. Also kind of puts a burden on people around you there. Yeah. And so I said, well, the best video series on the internet would be Adam. Corolla teaches, nor McDonald's drive. We just get a car, put it some go pros in it, and then we just do what we do through around town. While I'm, you know, comedians in cars getting coffee, but it's me nor mcdonagh teaser drive, and we've pitched it to him a bunch of times. We'll just load up the cameras and the cars, and we'll. Come over, we'll pick you up normal it, which is a version therapy. I don't know. It's, it's it's so easy getting permit. Right, but not down with it. So you guys, I know, hit them up, shoot 'em at tweet, tell them the offer stands, but he's insane any and it's hard to get insane people to do sane things because if they engaged insane activities, they would lose their mantle of INSEE. Is he once you start participating in too many sane activities. Writing a motive Ryoko, then you're no longer get to have your staff. They revolt, they take your insane card away from you. See what I'm say. Looking for a bigger star to make the offer. Now. Oh, yeah, I bet. I bet if Jim gaffe again went over the house. Waiting in the driveway. Headlines over you and why should Adam Corolla teach me on a drive. He may be right. Out loud. Sorry now. Yeah, stop it. Tweet rate show, hey, the Nazis need roofers. I've been very kind to your interview. Tweet us at Adam Corolla show with your Castrol challenge hashtag Castrol challenge. All right, live shows coming up for us. We got Pasadena ice house. That's next Wednesday. That's going to sell out everybody Dr. Drew's up on stage. That'll be the twenty nine now Seattle more theater, some tickets available for that. That'd be timber. Thirteenth, we'll be live up on stage with Adam Ray who we love. Phoenix stand up live Mike August doing a basic cable commentary white, pretty good on his feet by the way, a Tober six and Anaheim the grove November. Thirtieth live podcast. Rob Riggle Dickey while we're at it. Great new from the boss been so many years. Where do we go get that? Now we go to Amazon and all the streaming platforms get on. Go on, please do that. It's a very strong strong boss downs is very good. Thank you on them. I love listening to my car all day..

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