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It gives nice and thick six number six refried beans baby of up to opt out yeah hell yeah a refried beans especially m of the veteran nb ththere suasion that'll get you a mile ahead of the competition at taco bell the 95 percent of the whaler yeah beams instead of meat these they've put it in some refried beans it's got the seasoning in there there are now dummies yeah actually refried beans sees better than taco meet leica ground beef in my opinion i don't like the texture more like the texture of beef better but i liked the taste of refried beans better but if you're like me any meeting at both this both world sam here's what i'm gonna tell you what uh if you get the veggie crumbles um like them only add those yeah those are very good you buy the taco seasoning put it in there and taste just like yeah you're the none of the cholesterol my friend um number five were a cow butts yet holes no capital's number five or tongues which i understand they putting graham beef these days um i hope we don't have an oprah situation where the beef industry uh to sees us ugh out the library reparative they're so will ever have oprah's it to where we have the bieb industry go after as we have an author ron who as a fabricated memoir number five thousand it's going to sound like i'm a broken record but this is a different context a no gore yeah keep the core and nakano don't put the corn no ghost depressing thing is a taco with corn in it same goes for salsa get but corn adami salsa no put the cornea mice also put some pineapple in there too and a nice street i mean i mean for the planet yeah no at to put lay i always get the corn uh i don't get any of the other sauce i just get the corn get out of my house in your house a number four uh you a home in cheese number three sour cream number two cohiba now what does that cheese yeah it's like different it's like they are alesi's yeah by boise good and number one reactor number ruined number one.

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