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You stay tax we really preserve that essential values that we hold dear in america that the next generation can be better off than the generation before and it also ends unfair double taxation benita is in riveting wyoming line for republicans go ahead good morning thank you pre ban thanks for calling benita which a question for congressmen that gates well uh i am so glad good premium working on nickelback heck creation is so high in the united state hit went up and i'm not a kid i might parents had been married seventy three year there have been generation foul alive and we have packed her that we get care pay and i am priebke a republican working on that gap i i thank you for your time man i hope that our republiccontrolled worked together and get this done while i appreciate the comment you'll you make a point about republican unity and republicans working together by report you benita is that i've never seen republicans as unified on capitol hill everyone understands the importance of getting these tax cuts passed the president has been a great advocate an partner and i look forward to getting a done just as you asked foreign just as the american people demanded are paul ryan and mitch mcconnell unified enough with the president and giving him the support that he needs in his legislative and political priorities that's certainly what i see a most republicans from paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to the colleagues i sit next to on the floor understand that tax reform is do or die for our party right now after fumbling on healthcare my colleagues understand that we've got to deliver on this fundamental promise we've made to the american people to not only cut tax but to actually produce the results of economic growth the president trump promised in his campaign the proof will be in the outcomes we've got see the economy grow at a far faster rate than its growing today with job creation with wage growth and i think that this tax cut can pair well with a lot of the regulatory reform the president trump is already engaged dan to really unlock the potential of the american economy you mentioned the president's campaign there's that ongoing investigation into russian egner influence in the 2016 election we spent a lot of time earlier this week talking about the indictments the.

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