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About this anti malaria drug Hydroxycut Laura Quinn was just like me do you know what music to my ears a group of moderately ill people were given Hydroxycut Laura Quinn which appeared to ease their symptoms quickly but more research is needed warns the New York times this is out of China they say cough fever pneumonia went away faster the disease seems less likely to turn severe in people who received hydroxy caloric when they're in a comparison group not given the medication remember this got turned into some kind of a touchstone for whether you like trump or not all because he simply touted the potential of Hydroxycut Laura Quinn early on well not even the New York times is now citing a study that doctors in China are sharing now who knows what's real and what's not real out of China but I know again I've said this to you I feel like the the the guy in the wilderness screaming at the top of his lungs there are people who say their lives have been saved I know people who were treated with hydroxyurea Quinn and this was way before was being talked about in New York they were being given it in New York with with the Z. pack and they had dramatic recoveries dramatic I'm talking about going from double pneumonia in the hospital to be released the next day so that's optimistic we need a little bit of optimism lord knows if you watch the the news I I sat through ABC world news tonight last night for a half hour it was so bleak and so Graham and so frightening I just I just immediately started feeling horrible for anybody who's watching because it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of reason for any optimism right now so many confused so many so many questions I was talking to my pal Joey Hudson this morning in South Carolina wanted out you know South Carolina is being thrown into the bucket of all the states that have stay at home orders in fact even Florida governor Ron DeSantis yesterday signed a stay at home order after weeks of rejecting calls for such a measure show as the national news media reports on that South Carolina is in the category of stay at home orders but that isn't really true in South Carolina governor Henry McMaster has also resisted a mandatory stay at home order and I don't even know what a stay at home order means because there are so many exceptions carved out even going to church something that vice president pence recommends against the vice president said please no more than ten people at a time in a church I love the ingenuity of churches that are doing things like parking lot services everybody stays in their car and they put up a sound system in the pastor is in the parking lot with the sound system or trying to to do Sherman's online in church services online the you know it it it really this is a health emergency and here's what we're going to confront within this is going to be tough and I want to open up a can of worms that is is is pretty complicated and and troubling but I want to take you down this path I was listening to a guest last night we probably ought to find him and play the clip but I'll I'm gonna repeat repeated for memory the reason I'm a little leery is I don't know what the guy's real agenda is he was a doctor on fox news guesting with Martha McCallum and I suspect he's old he's progressive lefty because he said well you know the World Health Organization was warning us December thirty first we just stop with the warnings and everybody knew because the whole world has been caught by surprise by this and I'm so sick of the politicization of this issue I'm so tired of hearing trump had new people died and then we got to turn around to remind you about all the city state and federal leaders like Pelosi diplomacy even Dr Fauci on January twenty sixth and I would say I love the guy we got him on the show I I believe in him I trust Dr Burks I think we've got a couple of the best in the world.

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