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The run a little disappointed with one how could you allow us to come back from a break could you allow us to go two minutes right south plains maybe the greatest political sound in Colorado his all you want I take requests here if you want me to it's a standing request using office you are here to attacked the millions of stuff like this yeah John Hickenlooper told nine news performing to what he and his camp for ever just label to be this this absolutely frivolous cocktails ethics allegations and before we go to our special guest please stick bring us up to speed on where we stand now is as the jury is coming back helped by cal well as we had talked about earlier today and he was convicted on the first of the six charges but the commission did find that he did not violate Colorado ethics laws with the with it with the second charge which dealt with the millionaire friend of his I can talk man on another flight that the person take force both but there are four more to go so it doesn't matter if he's acquitted on all of the revenue he is convicted that's right he he defied a subpoena he was held in contempt right and convicted not her direct those headliners right I mean I don't write those spots now yeah yeah into Hey great to have Lindsay singer back with us we want to get lenses take on all of this Frank McNulty is schedule to join us as well at five or six Frank who initially brought this complaint but Hey Lindsey Pritchett the time today thank you for having me on you have a lot of experts on that bond today yeah well I I know how active you and Michael fields in in your entire organization have banned on this and and so wanted to give you a chance to give everybody your take on it I think it's a great day and so many different ways yeah and I don't think it could have gone any worse for Hickenlooper and by that I mean he his actions because it's really bad I don't think you know he could have handled it any worse yeah what do you make of that you know I don't know who was giving him bad advice but refusing to show up Intel up until he was you know founding content that took that kind of a charge to the wake him up to the fact that this is a serious thing and this is so serious because we really don't want our politicians to be here to look like they're being bought by corporations and not something that he really doesn't seem to understand what and what more would say that Dick Wadhams whose fortunately part of this conversation cholera arising actions Lynsey singers well what's says that more than private chats I mean there are all sorts of of ways to violate that law right I mean you violate that law if you if you accept a dinner that cost more than fifty Bucks or something right but a private chat how much force does it get well I don't know of any Dan I mean even though he got the century acquitted on the second the charge it's still as you point out that the it will still read that he took a leave a free flight on a private jet paid for by his billionaire friends on that so okay so he didn't tell the commission says didn't violate the law but the fact the matter is that those are the facts that he took the he took the fight he went with Dan and I were talking earlier about what prompted all this by have taken over I honestly can't imagine the his legal counsel in the nor his campaign team has advised him to to create the situation that led to the contempt citation I I think this is taken over I think we've got another great insight to his arrogance he thinks the laws and the rules do not apply to him and he arrogantly ignored the advice of the team around him and then and then they that sent them scrambling last night after he was found in contempt yeah that could be right I mean you heard on that thank you guys for listening yesterday but you could hear that I don't know if it was the anguish in his attorney's voice when he was like look I just can't get a hold of them and that they were talking about six teams and it really didn't sound like the lawyer was happy about that decision but you know it along those lines like a track with taking repairs past the thing that the media should be protecting has any all he he admitted that early on the morning he he said that he was talking about other journalists when he was referring to the fact that they should be protecting him it includes plenty to your could point it let's be real about this okay mark Cruz skin Hickenlooper's private attorney is world class I mean he he and I probably disagree on every major issue but as an attorney he is world class so this is probably one of the first times in in memory for him maybe the very first time rather than he's ever been in a situation like this because he is at a level where if somebody's gonna act like that he doesn't need him as a client so this had to be a total Hickenlooper freak out none of this is on groups can that's really interesting and we know that Hickenlooper doesn't do well when he put on the spot right but that brings up another or have we write on this show no owner Frank except that one time in the time before that yeah you were going to say let's see what another issue that's been wrapped up the message throughout the whole process is that he can refers lawyer markers can is being paid by taxpayer dollars and you'd be paid an absurd amount compared to what normal you know people are turning in his division are you being paid five hundred twenty five dollars an hour so we know he is high quality but the fact that hackers are putting the bill on that make a lot of people really upset well sure because it's coming out of the nine eleven fund it should have been represented by the attorney general's office but he's too good for that right because he's John Hickenlooper and hopefully that's what people take out of this right guy says no he really is an elitist he really has been pulling the con pretending to be the R. shocks quirky guy you know he is in a leader's two thinks he's above the law he thinks he can go out and there's nothing subtle about a private jet right I've wanted to plan a private jet my entire life and I haven't because I'm unwilling to pay that amount of money and nobody's invited under their chair you know what I mean and they're not inviting me under their check because there's nothing I can do for them politically the only reason is skinny well sorry family show the only reason he's on that private check is because he can do something for the person who owns the Jack yes if not for his you know witty sense of humor or is Hollywood good looks or anything like that right now so we have this epic commission right that's what they're there for and because there were issues with that looking like they were accidental crazy and Colorado Coloradans don't want that but one of the commissioners commissioner will add to the former legislator he addressed this and he said you know he had the opportunity to take a private jet ride for an event and he knew enough he had enough smart to say that he didn't think that he should do that without paying for it any reasonable person no one thinks that a private chat is is the same the normal plane ride and that was part of the questioning today for Hickenlooper he wouldn't see this is deck I didn't watch the hearing this morning I watched a bunch of it yesterday but that attorney from my Washington paid for by the democratic senatorial campaign committee mark Elias or alias or whatever his name is what role did he play this morning during the the hearing did he play much you know he didn't speak at all he was never on camera I think he will he was on the side name pop up so I don't think he was active against him like in a room or anything it's just intriguing he was one of the Dan lawyers for Hillary Clinton it's just interesting that term it's the once again speculating on my part that the democratic senatorial campaign committee kind of big foot it is way into this whole issue by sending one of their renowned lawyers out from Washington to be a part of this I can't imagine markers skin needed the help to be honest and so I mean I think that there might have been some kind of internal problems going on right now what a great point I mean that would explain so much yeah you know I listen you guys have if I was bet you my car I would bet that this is ninety nine percent Hickenlooper yes and just the fact that the same guy Ryan this is your cue the same guy who would say this to nine news I should be protecting millions of stuff like this right it is just on willing he was just unwilling to admit any fault what Dick I didn't know what you just told me yeah it the senatorial committee stepping into this also yes it because they've got to know yeah any kind of blemish in this arena I think what you guys tell me when's the deck at this point modern politics in Colorado would somebody have an easier time was say some personal foibles from their past you know that then they would eight current today you know contempt citation an ethics violation conviction it seems to me that's a much bigger deal and then maybe the senatorial committee saw that reality and that goofy well it certainly I mean if it wins the the A. I. R. I want to hear your your thought on that but it seems to me they were genuinely concerned about this this issue and they sent one of their top lawyers out to at least monitor maybe even make decisions about that Wednesday if it what it what do you think well I think he would have been better off overall if you're stuck with what he was saying months ago where he was like yeah come testify this is you know from his point of view this this doesn't mean anything he was calling a political I disagree with all that but he would have done better in his own defense you're just stuck with that kind of messaging and not had the DC people come and and really yeah however decision that was made there's a lot worse for himself I absolutely agree as he hit just the showing up of the committee he taken his best shot in answering the charges and then prepared himself for probably bad news that's what we would be dealing with today but instead no no he's got to contempt the headlines okay you guys let's let's role play okay I'm John Hickenlooper and and your cross examining me on this give me your best shot I shot out of I'll show you what he should have done yeah but he just couldn't bring himself now to do it no he couldn't you know no because he's so arrogant and he thinks he can get away with this stuff and if they were going to K. even say okay John here are buddy we're not gonna do anything further yeah and so if the cross examination is governor Hickenlooper isn't it true you took this ride on this private jet and you did it on the stage you did it was somebody who does business with the state and and all this and that and you know I did and and it was a mistake and I should have known better but honestly in my mind I was just focused on saving the state money and it it just never occurred to me that it would be viewed that way but I can see how people could see it that way and and I apologize for for the confusion and I won't do it again yeah but that's what he should have done drop the Mike that's right drop the might pick up the banjo and they would have found him guilty on a couple things or more and that he would have taken a hit but the but he's turned a pin **** into a cash while I did my you've been making on a couple days yes Lindsay I'm imagining the Colorado rising action probably won't do anything with this going forward we're not going to hear about this again during the campaign it's yeah yeah no this is absolutely part of the campaign many of the.

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