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Hollywood California nine zero zero two eight Eat Now it is time for me to quickly tell you what we're all up to first of all if you've not checked out June Diane Raphael's amazing Organization she started this place called the Jane Club. Jane Club is a a workspace The collective workspace base. It's it's it's it's rewriting the rules between women and work. It's amazing check out the club dot com the mother of all workspaces See we got going on over there and then also the good place. You've seen Jason. There's only one other person you might be seeing soon coming up. Maybe me I don't I don't know but check it out The place and by the way I talked about anonymous earlier on Crank Yankers Like a week ago Calling up Franken. Those Mother Fuckers Frozen Yogurt Chapo. I serve them up. Look good oh I gave him. I gave them a good old one. Too so you WANNA check me out on crank yankers again There's another one coming up that I'm very very very excited about as well but now let's get into my pick though MHM folks all in his his news. Yes thank you jack..

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