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Coverage and how the employer can decide at a drop of a dime what you can and cannot access so. That's incredibly compelling. I don't know if you had a chance to see Bernie Sanders wrote an OP. Ed today in essence maternal health. Did you take a look at that I did? I did wonderful perfect. We know that when black women have health insurance it decreases black maternal mortality rate. We know that because in states where we expanded Medicaid we decrease black. Maternal Mortality Medicaid is not good enough. It might take you when you're pregnant. Navy amounted to after. You have the baby but we need to take care of black women before they get to take care of black women for their entire lives. We need to treat their high pressure before they're even thinking about getting pregnant. Expanding Medicaid is a good thing. But it's kind of laughable. Because I know that's not the best solution. The best solution is to guarantee healthcare for everybody human rights you as a black woman and get care from birth to death not only the year you decide to get pregnant. It's remarkable remarkable to me that we understand. We live in a country with racial bias. We understand we live in a country where unfortunately too many people who met black lives. Don't matter and that when people get left behind America it's always disproportionately people from historically marginalized groups and yet knowing that there are some who claim to be advocates for various minority groups who don't want universality and programs who want programs that are means tested programs were. Somebody isn't going to access them knowing full. Well what that somebody is going to look like so I mean normally appreciative of your advocacy. What most question I wanted to ask you is do you have these conversations not just with your patients but friends and family about the sanders campaign about Medicare for all. I'm curious what tactics. What arguments are most useful to you and getting through to folks about why they should be part of this revolution adult conversations all the time? That's my favorite thing to do. He is an older by mail. I was leaning more towards Biden. And so they. We started talking to that conversation about healthcare. He's retired educator. Fortunately in addition Medicare has a good retirement benefit still has the deductible and so I started having conversations with him. He fell in his head. He's had a slip and fall in hospitals. He had this huge hospital. But fortunately because you have two insurance Medicare and his insurance from enough employed his his adoptable was affordable for him must not for a lot of people right so I got my dad's attention with Medicare for all. He agrees that all people have healthcare as human rights. So there's no person that I've encountered loves their health insurance. I kind of like mind but the kind only reason I kind of like it is because it's better than so many other people and how messed up. Bad reason is white. Goal is because it's better than the majority of people have this horrible insurance and another big issue that I bring up night. Usually I'm able to GET PEOPLE. On board with senator. Sanders is cancelled student at As a physician as black physician incur more student debt than most my white male colleagues in order to be a doctor. Yeah and so in my household we have probably about a half million dollars in student at. Yeah so when I bring the People's attention that senator standards is not only candidate he's GonNa Cancel all student. That that's another big issue other than Medicare for all that. I'm usually able to get some people one of the things that really resonated with me about your approach. There is when Bernie says that line about what you fight for someone that you don't know and we hear P. Buddha judge and people like that saying student loan debt is for the kids of millionaires as though people who are millionaires takeout eight percent interest loans for everyone. We hear people say. I like my insurance kind of purposefully indifferent to how many people are suffering under the current system. We don't see at debates. We just had a debate last night. None of the centrist candidates are asked how they justify all the people who are going to die by maintaining the status quo. They're not asked to justify how we're going to pay for it enormously expensive system but also doesn't deliver anything to the people that need it and when you hear a humanistic approach like that when you hear Bernie Sanders asking. Will you fight for someone else? It really does. I think. Speak to a lot of people who at some point in their life at some juncture in some contexts. Understand what it is to be on the wrong side of the equation and to understand I think in a very pure away what solidarity means so. I really appreciate you joining me today. Dr Dooley and I hope to see you on the trail very soon with you next time..

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