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Bars visit rx bar dot com slash wizards and enter promo code wizards at checkout welcome back to very bad wizards at this time we'd like to take a moment as we always do after the break to thank all the people who engage with us who tweet us who email us who give us shit on read it and facebook this is the kind of community that we love it's the kind of it's what makes us so happy to keep doing the podcast and we really appreciate it we say this a lot but i think we have one of the highest levels of engagement from listen not not our engagement but your engage we hope that continues and we hope you keep getting in touch with us you can email us at very bad wizards at g mail dot com tweet us at tamla at pease at very bad wizards you can go to read it page we have a separate at our lahj very bad wizards you can follow us on instagram you can you can rate us on i tunes we love those i tunes ratings we check them now not not in the hopes that it will improve our ranking but just to see what the ratings are you guys are and it does help to get people who might not be aware of us to see it so we really appreciate when you rate us on items as well facebook page like facebook and join the conversation there there's usually a good conversation of each episode and if you'd like to support us in more tangible ways you can give us a one time donation by sending us pay pal you can click on the amazon link on our support page and then shop as you normally would and we'll get a small chunk of that at no extra cost to you and and you can become one of our patriot members and we love our patriots patrons are supporters we say this a lot but we mean it a lot and we just posted for our two dollar and up supporters a lengthy.

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