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Games i think it was sixteen when i started and we went to eighteen and my god it just seemed like to extra conference games was like four decent regular season games you know it because everybody knows each other so much intensity the fact that you're gonna play in a pack place usually i think the two extra games is enormous now we put two more on top of that and tried to sam what you men and i do think it makes for better games but i think we're all trying to learn how to handle that in and and that's been a little difficult with practices and everything at least for me it's been you know i gotta change i've been in the league so long that i've i think i've been here since it was fourteen or sixteen games and it was eighteen now it's twenty and i bet you when you voted on that a bit yell the coaches voted twelve zero not to do it right dr league but i think for the most part you know people and i give jim credit i mean it's better for t._v. it's better for what we're doing and i do think it's good to have the rivalries i mean it's crazy that michigan michigan state only played once produced indiana only played once and but it is different as an dan what do you think on that i mean you played in it then conference games are a lot more taxing i mean you go play duke and carolina and in crazy it sounds it's not as taxing to conference game some think this i've said this forever we we see and we say well pros play any two games and they to class every day they don't get up and and okay the game so i can't tell you how many times having is different now than when i play the demands i i can't tell you how many times i went to michigan game and either mole or dunkin or derrick walton or whomever i would drive them back to the dorm after a game and they had to study and it was like man i am examinating people that's tall know we go to purdue and we play at one o'clock in the afternoon i said god we'd just come from iowa got in at two thirty in the morning and and i said we go to do and i said oh good i'll get home in time to have several my family and actually live we get to the airport and i think they master nuts at purdue sabotage there we couldn't start the plane so we we sat there for an hour and then we bust back five hours ten thirty at night anyway on a bus the whole time you know with a couple of guys can everybody i mean there are so many things you've had the air when you played and then you got the kind of see the area where your son played and now you're seeing a little bit of the air when he coached and i yeah he has a different coach and as a player to coats coates agree with this coach nine os used to sing a player should come in division one college basketball coach for years a red shirt and then play in that have a totally different perspective right link for guys josh lane for you know if first couple of games he was out of his you know he was doing his normal stuff but then when he realised going to be for a little longer he started trying to take on he's he's an unbelievable kidneys coach got to have a purpose and i said okay you got all the out of bounds place underneath the basket you gotta make sure guys at garner guys ready both authencity defensively so if you watch him he actually does it on the bench and he says to me the about two weeks ago he goes why are these guys doing this here's a west so brother welcome it is different you know they really he really looks at it differently and he's living with those two freshmen that are kind of taking his spot and aaron henry and gay brown and i told those guys sitting i told you when you got to hang with josh and now they're trying to hang with just four months later you know six months later and realize that it's not as easy as you think so i.

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