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Terence newman who had a lot of football left that media ran him out and i don't care what it said that was they were affected the higher ups got effected and ran him out of town and by he's still by the way he's gonna make the hall of fame and he's still playing forever they've done that before so could it get the dez maybe it did maybe i'm gonna try to do this he's trying to do too much now he's losing his concentration here's the thing how many times has this been done before and quantum bolden they got rid of steve smith senior randy moss when i was in oakland the coach said he couldn't play and i remember he told davidson now davis love's players and he loved randy moss so we dumped him that was great and you know who gets dumped out to that the coach the i guess what the heat's on this is doc friendly steven jones said that friendly everything's dak friendly let's let's get you know new receiver coach in do things different and let's see how it goes but if it doesn't go well trust me there's going to be something going on in dallas and it's going to you that probably this is where i'm gonna disagree with you okay that'd be what we haven't seen now will mcclay said that this is very odd that a general managers say this is that what we noticed is that das could not consistently win outside now he can't consistently win win outside and his route trie the number of rows dad's every cornerback that come out here have said we play dan for basically and breaking route and the back shoulder faith every last one of that on saying that we play for the speed out none of the day we play for the depot they say we play for two rounds well if you can't consistently get away you limited because they don't move your round they don't allow you up into slot they don't really stack your whole book when it get three wire and somebody can't pick a press you when you're limited you can't consist leak it open and you only limited in your route running ability what do they do.

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