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On the threes is brought to us by the band loan school at endicott college what's going on chris cocaine well we're dealing with still some delays here on the expressway traveling northbound ben as you get on the expressway is going to you'll get some running rule but you do stall out just as you coming up a little bit before adams street and that's tastes heavy up toward columbia road now southbound is still miserable you're jammed up before mass avenue that's going to continue heavy stop and go in pockets right down to furnace spurt parkway because of an earlier crash and just did not free up at all now that's not abby the whole stretch but it's gonna feel like it while you're in it northbound route 3 does well passing derby street you're a little bit slow by route eighteen now 24 sluggish coming up to one 28 and what 28 south on hangs up at ponca plug but it's starting to break up making its way down to the expressway so that's going to ease out shortly hopefully northbound along route ninety five you're jammed up at route one and then is slow from the pots at up to one 28 120 northbound still hangs up before you get to kendrick street all the way up passed the turnpike the pike is breaking up between thirty and wants 28 some sluggish traffic there though at once 28 your stalled up through the supermarket so a little bit heavy out by market street in the allston ramps is well standing out on what 28 up north but still some slow rolling traffic from route one a up in beverly getting down to one fourteen not solid certainly but it is a sluggish traffic and again at 129 you're jammed up getting down toward route ninety three daddy that spot pond all the way in no relief there the tobin bridge is easing but it's still very heavy ride back to chelsea next update is 9'0 three wbz's traffic on the threes move your tech career forward with a master's degree in it from indycars van loan school with option to specialize in the growing field of healthy informatics affordable tuition no gre require get started at van loan dot endicott died edu commonwealth motors brings us the fourday wbz accuweather forecast here's meteorologist elliot abrams.

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