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Committee says hey, you wanna get in the restaurant business with me up? Yeah. Boy's dream all those women booze. You know, I'm all for young and going, so I I wouldn't business where them and I saw my business with them. This guy. This guy was a jerk. No business. Business skills whatsoever. Just you know, he's been in the restaurant business in peds something going forward. He no people skills. You know, that's not a college and on our service motivation properly. Good business. I wouldn't worry about making prophet worried about getting giving people something they really wanted to know get sales and not to make money out of it. Anyway, we can push to run the shelving. He hit. You're gonna buy me are gonna buy him. Our? So I didn't have any money. And that's probably not gonna be able to buy them out. Maybe by me out. And I'll just go on my way to my father comes up to me and he's a hardworking middle class manager. He says I'll get the money for you. Being italian. I was wondering where he's going to get the money. A de don't worry about it. I'll take care Dorie get the money for you. We got the money. Would you get it is a mobile home? Myself. Wow. To this day. I say it's not the sweet smell of success to make sure work hard to fear of failure fear of failure motivation. But you don't want that to fail. So you work your butt off to make that thing work being scared. Paralyzed. And that's what I've done. I to fear failure just keeps be going even anything. I do today. Feel this one may just gonna hurt my reputation. Maybe. That makes you makes you motivation makes you do things beyond and above. What is your? I mean, obviously you've.

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