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So for the southerners for the confederacy this was a war over land rights this was a war of independence and yeah they did we lost and i've been i'm getting real sick of seeing people on the mainstream media saying oh in thank god they lost like we still have slavery today let me give you a little history lesson slavery was going to be abolished pipe the confederacy a lot of the people that fought in the civil war for the south were free black men so go ahead get over your high horse about the civil war being about slavery and wake up one or two you read a history book because that's not what it was about lincoln used that as leverage and i i can't say that enough and now in two thousand seventeen has once again we have sunk back into racial politics i mean i i i'm so flabbergasted by this situation by the fact that the the we have now sunk this low as a society for all the advancements we've made after all of the prosperity and the progress that has been seen by the united states it only took eight years of a black president from hawaii or africa are aware of and a haley's from i i don't even know what this man is anymore race baiting for eight years just decrying racial tension over and over and over again this is what we have become and you can see and i i agree i i saw someone a little nervous cnn and msnbc now it was it was the joe joe scarborough in would make a brzezinski.

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