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About four to four twelve sixty five. Oh, five four two four twelve. Back to the Richard aid show voice of Santa Fe here on news. Talk leader. This hour brought to you by violet crown ultimate fantasy movie experience. A best in class movie. Experience awaits you. Bring your loved ones for feast for the senses, violet crown Santa Fe. This is Peter crown here to tell you about our state of the art audio Torey tree meserve seedy wall to wall screens and digital surround sound comfortable and lush chairs with over forty taps craft view one in regional cider, including items from our stone, hearth pizza oven entrees and delectable deserves. Join us for a wide variety of films with free four hour parking. This week's exciting schedule includes John week three dogs journey. Essential performances presents the seagull from the Russian statistic theater has for far riot redemption. Lock enroll the sons also star in all tours presents Jim Jarmusch mystery train. Stay tuned next week few violet crown movie minute crown CF as your most owners forgettable movie experience sixteen six days in the Santa Fe railyard. Movie tickets now crown dot com..

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