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Unusual job there today at the Freeman Coliseum. Hundreds of ex cons of gathered to look for work Commissioner tummy Calvert annual second chance job fair. Organizer CLYDE fosters is people who are working are getting into trouble again. We know that a strong neighborhood has strong family. If you have a job, you're working, and you're going to school your neighborhood is going to be a better place foster says, dozens of employers and the strong economy are willing to open their doors to hard working people, regardless of their background is as construction oilfield, healthcare and hospitality. Employers are all represented as flooding remains a danger in the hill country. Lawmakers are being told that fixing the problem would cost taxpayers billions of dollars as floodwaters were carrying through the Texas hill country estate house committee met in Waco to discuss ways to control the flooding. John Duke, Nick of the Texas water Development Board told lawmakers updated flood maps or needed. I we took a look at what the overall cost to the state. It would take to map the entire state. And actually update these maps and that costs estimate came in at about six hundred four million dollars. That doesn't even include developing flood plans or building them out based on the survey data the analysis, the total mitigation across for the state or. Range between thirty one point five and thirty six billion dollars at the capitol. Chris FOX, News Radio twelve hundred w the United ways well on its way to meeting their goal for this year's campaign was announced today. They've already raised thirty three million dollars. And this year's campaign chair Kim Lou bells is they'll need everydollar last year six hundred thousand lives were impacted by United way funds. So you think about that? No one.

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