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Might be the largest shareholder but it's just one voice in those institutions as well So a lot of balance but essentially Ellen certainly in her speech and then on this TB appearance talking at least a strategy for some of the things she wants to achieve there So a professor called on the same subject does the basic set of agreements and principles and institutions coming out of Britain was does it still work Well I think it can work I think we've seen it work pretty well through the pandemic response right So yeah I think there's always room for improvement you know many decades have passed since bretton Woods was put in place and we've changed entirely The monetary system that came out of bretton Woods We had a fixed exchange rate system where the U.S. dollar was tied to gold And so we've made some significant changes but I think that looking at ways in particular the kinds of things that the secretary talked about with respect to helping developing nations find better ways to make the kinds of strategic investments that are going to be needed to deal with future pandemics climate change and the rest of it I think we can build upon what we have But what we have works reasonably reasonably well Okay thank you so very much I really appreciate that professor Stephanie kelton of stony brook university and Simon Kennedy our executive editor for economics here at Bloomberg Coming up House minority leader Kevin McCarthy in the hot seat We talk with former head of the House democratic caucus Joe Crowley This is balance of power on Bloomberg television and on radio Carol massar This stock has shot up big time Jim's den of X So take us into the economic impact of this Along with reporters and editors who help make your business week profitable Let's dig into it with Bloomberg business week editor Joe Weber It's the cover story of the upcoming issue Bloomberg business week Weekday afternoons at two eastern These are retailers that have been on everybody's radar.

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