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Arm. Looks like you got hit above the right hip. Right at the point of that public bone where there's no padding whatsoever. Even with all the padding that these guys now wear under their uniforms, so the play has been stopped at 4 37 to go in the fourth quarter. Covington leaves the game with 10 points, five rebounds and three assists. He had a really good first half All teams still gathered near the bench areas. The Lakers lead it 101 89, and they have got the blood now cleaned up. On the game floor, and we still have a lot of perspiration to mop up after Covington was down for so long way on, Ly have a 12 point spread. Feels like a lot more than that. But when you look at the total so far for the fourth quarter was 19 7 going into the last time out. We haven't got our lady sheep. Producing put Matthew. I've done a poor job of pointing out the three point number, which is so crucial for Houston. There, 11 of 28 39%. I mean, they had 22 made threes in Game two. We'll be in the loss. They did, interestingly enough going Game one when they had refused. Freeze of any playoff game. That was when they got the win. So you have three is important, but you got a place in defense to they're not doing that. They're struggling to get seven points so far in the fourth quarter, Davis has left Flora's well LeBron Stops pops for three. Skipped it off the rim. No good at the right angle Hearted has the rebound so hard in Westbrook, Green, Gordon and Tucker here for the Rockets on the attack. They double hard and give it up the Westbrook drive and kicked a Gordon pump fake from three of the paint underneath. Westbrook was open. They lost him. He catches wide open at the room and lays it in really nice play by Gordon left feet. Left his feet intending to shoot it when he saw Russell Westbrook underneath one of 1 91. Davis is in now LeBron James up top of the basketball who's gets out of the way. Jane Spline splits two in the paint and scores with the right hand. It's almost as if those two guys were even there. A whistle here, stopping play a little extracurricular activity with 3 32 Go Jeff Greene tough 35 for LeBron James Gordon throws into green 3 30 to go 103 91 takes from him. They trap him again. Splits over the step through gets in the paint with dribble changed hands. A left hand shot will go rebound the hardened retreat and pull it back out beyond the arc and guarded one on one by LeBron. Chest pass toward the corner deflected by Rondeau came streaking toward the near boundary 4.3 on the shot clock. LeBron James was out and into James Harden double team. He was all over back to her cut off the green Vista wide open work, and they had a great play drawn out. Cheap shot, clock Hardened should've had an assist. 3 91 Change Thailand, Right puts his back to Gordon mercilessly backs down Turns throws the Davis in the paint flips into the weak side. Touch pass, the KCB drives his runner at the rim blocked by a Westbrook. What a play. Part of the Westbrook Westbrook down the Lay one on world Davis Pump fake Won't shoot on him Throws it out to Tucker 3. FT. WESTBROOK top yard drives on Davis again popped loose, caught by Russ eighth issue turn, shoots a wild shut off the glass and somehow finished the harnessed possession of his night. He's chirping and Anthony Davis, Mark Davis. He wanted it. He shot well over head 103 93 to 14 to go. Rondo lobs it into Davis leaves of the foul line Great past but missed wide open jumper by KCP offensive rebound, Who's well and scores on second chance. Offensive. Glass has been huge for the Lakers in the second half 12 point lead under two minutes to play into the paint green. Pictures and turns to score on LeBron and I think LeBron going for shot Block got his hand jammed between the ball and perhaps the rim. Think so. He came on trying to get his fourth block tonight. Jeff Green kind of quick shot of LeBron's looking at his fingers. Who's what catches quarter left? Bank outside Rondo, 105 95 1 37 to play a foul to give on both sides in the page. Tucker and James go up head to head and a foul called on Tucker here. James will go the line to shoot two was intending to watch it right there. LeBron actually hit his hand on the backboard. Thumb on the rim watching the replay again, but some of his right hand on the Chama Danny did the same thing the other day. He has those hops. First free throw. No good producer right? Sean seems a long time ago to to start at the end of the third quarter. Houston has only been able to muster 13 points here in the 4th 2nd free throw drops in 36 for LeBron James 11 point lead for the Lakers. 90 seconds to play Westbrook into the paint throws away from Davis outside, Gordon off the shot, fake tryingto work loose here. Left wing Can't hands it off to Westbrook. Westbrook right hand bounced on the lane streets of the Roman lease it in 106 97 Westbrook with 26. He's nearing hardens 30 Last time the Rockets had a dual average 20 plus points per game during the regular season. Tracy McGrady in Yalman. Now, with a minute to play Rondo around the angle screen left side by Davis. It's other inbounds, pass the diving Koosman catches and lays it in over the front iron and the Rockets have a look to him that they know they're probably done with under a minute to play partner catches does streaked down. The lane now feels away 50 seconds to the right sideline, shoots a contestant three and Berries in the face of Anthony Davis Westbrook will file immediately. Tags, Rondo and just when I thought they didn't they had a look hard and pull something out of his hat. With that shot. Mike D'Antoni called for the foul. Impressive fourth coach by the Lakers. You saw coming dominant, dominant defense, better offensive execution and 32 veterans Mr LeBron James and Raja Rondo and up superstar Ah, a lot of firepower. Models. First free throw is good. Second free Throw is good. 1 10 100 Lakers Westbrook, top of the arch over the heart on the left ankle bounce pass, almost turned it over back to Westbrook gets down the lane and takes that contact. Two guys came flailing Adam. Westbrook will go the line chance for dead clock points here for the Rockets down 10 with 35.6 seconds to go. Yeah, but the message is delivered. The Laker bench has been very, very animated the entire second half. They ratcheted up to defense and basically threw the gauntlet down to Houston said. All right, here we go. Can you answer and they have not been able to answer first free throw is good. 29 Russell Westbrook. He and hardened have combined for 62. Same total for James and Davis. And by the way, the Lakers or 16 1 this past season when LeBron and combined score 60 plus second free throw good. Davis goes out of the double up the floor was wide open catches steps to the cup. And flushes it.

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