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Virus updated twenty one minutes ten sports update as correspondent Bob Costantini reports the FDA noted the approval of an in home coronavirus test kids sent out with results taking a few days to get back it was a brief Friday night briefing station wide the percent of testing come back positive has declined very significantly but the president ended the session after opening statements with him taking no questions several factors may have been in place for most the president's suggestion of disinfectant treatment injections from Thursday night her father Jeff McKay reports the FDA also warned against the use of two drugs Ted about the president's potential coronavirus treatments the FDA said the drugs hydroxy core Quinn and Clark when should only be used in hospitals or clinical trials because they can kill or cause serious side effects these include serious heart rhythm problems in covert nineteen patients treated with the drugs I'm Martin occurred the Philadelphia Eagles have selected Oklahoma quarterback Jalen hurts in the second round of the NFL draft her says he's blessed to have been picked up by the eagles under the influence of some part of it is a second meeting meeting guys and doing all those things man was not certain times right now I'm sorry president and we're running out of the forces of witnesses be looking for something a little more and learn everything is using a Walker the chief of naval operations reportedly recommended the defense secretary we store the command on the USS Theodore Roosevelt to captain Brett crozier correspondent Barbara Starr reports Cruz who was fired for sending an email to commanders pleading for faster action to report his crew F. to protect his crew from the hood of virus outbreak on a Wall Street stocks closed at a promoter's week with road games I'm bored.

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