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I'm here to remind you that life is a journey. Obstacles meant to be overcome, and I'm eager to share mine in here about euless. For you I'm. The woman wants needed and together we will explore exactly what it takes to deconstruct. Reinvent who we are, and what we know in order to feel on and become very vessels. Base is that moment my friend. Right here. Right now. Welcome. Hello beautiful humans, and welcome back to another episode of the holistic PT Podcast this episode number, eighteen and today we had diving into the rounds of comparison. Going deep with comparison and it's going to give you a really beautiful opportunity to look at comparison as a tool for garth and today also going to be speaking about how James reopening in some of the things that we can do about maintaining what we've learned in the time that we've had away from the gym. And to bring that back into a training. And also essential oils get asked about this all the time, so I'm just going to be giving you guys just a really brave and gentle summary of how I'm using essential oils, and how can get your hands on them to? If that is something you do? mindful Monday is something that I'm creating at the moment over on instagram. Every Monday I'm coming, live on to speak about what I'm choosing focusing for the week what I am doing a physical emotional, energetic and spiritual level the ways in which I'm taking radical responsibility and choosing a lineman. And it's a really beautiful open hotted, reminded to connect in and focus away from out distractions. Ryan really anchor into the week so multiple Monday. Every Monday on the ground at the holistic. Don't beatty is where you can learn about what I'm choosing what I'm focusing on and connect in and focus away from distractions. It's a really beautiful thing. ALL RIGHT GUYS! We're GONNA. Jump Straight in because there is so much to speak about today so comparison, right? Let's start there. Let's start with the beak juicy comparison because this is something that I get asked about. A Lot remembering that I. Earn a women's Gym and this is something that has been. I guess. I've spent almost a decade inside in an environment where I am healing this where healing this idea, these beliefs, the systems structures of these constitutions around comparison right sir. I feel like what we lack about. Comparison is that it creates lack and self doubt in the body riots self doubt in the Mind self-doubt in the body, and it creates a lack Just this idea that there is not enough or that there is. Something missing right, and as a result we criticize, and we shame, and we judge ourselves right so I feel like what we don't lackey back in Paris..

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