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It's time for another installment of sea hunt. It's still alive here on scuba shack radio. In this time we are headed back to season two for episodes. Thirty three titled proof of guilt which premiered exactly sixty two years ago today on august sixteenth. Nineteen fifty-nine in this episode. Mike is in the hawaiian islands where he is working for. A manufacturing company testing out underwater motion picture and television cameras in the opening scene. He is diving with huge film camera. The plankton is up cutting visibility but is also bringing in fish and the man eating sharks we see a number of white tip circling and they're getting closer and closer as mike sees their cold is they're getting too close for comfort so mike decides to head to the shallows when he gets to the pierre he sees a note under water on the slate that says come up. Mike tells us that there is greater threats up there than the sharks when he gets out of the water. Mike is met by lieutenant. Dave cal cal. Coa of the honolulu police department he asks why the new while dave says it wasn't from him. The camera moves to a woman who says it was from her. her name. is sandra otani or sandy. She says she put the no down. There you see. She owns now lua island where she grows. Cultured pearls offshore. Someone is stealing her pearls. And she needs. Mike's mike's help and his cameras to get the evidence that dave needs to arrest them might tell sandy that he won't give her the camera as they only go with him. Sandy smiles until mike's that she wants to go with the cameras that might smooth operator. The scene now shifts to the beach on sandy's island where both sandy and mike are gearing up to assure dive out to the pearl beds. Sandy shows mike the pearl beds in his getting angry underwater as she finds the broken oyster shells as they are walking out of the water. Mike tell sandy that it is the perfect place for scuba. Hit and run. Sandy tells mike that some of the pros have been growing for thirty years. Mike her exactly how they cultivate the pearls. Sandy says that it's a secret that came with her father from japan but since they won't but since she won't tell them the secret should make it up to them with the best dinner he ever had now. The next morning mike is ready to set a trap for the pro robbers. He's hiding in the rocks with a pair of binoculars in his full scuba rig looking for any suspicious activity. He spots a boat but he doesn't see the divers go into the water on the other side of the boat. He does however see their bubbles and heads out with his camera to catch them in the act at the pro beds. Mike hides behind a rock with the cameras. The divers approach as they start to rob the beds. Mike starts to film but he gets careless. He says the sound of the camera alerts. The divers wanted a bad guy circles around in surprises. Mike they get into a fight. The other bad guy grabs the camera and pulls out the film now while the underwater fight is going on. Sandy was watching from the beach and she suspects trouble and his racing to the pro beds with her boat. The bad guys rip mics regulator out of his mouth but as they are scared off by the sound of sandy's boat. Mike is left helpless. Miraculously mike doesn't drown he recovers we see some eagle raising the background as he heads to the surface he's blowing bubbles all the way up we now see the camera resting on the bottom. Mike struggles back on. The boat is gasping for air. A sandy asks him if he is all right in the next scene. Now we see mike lying on a chair. Sandy's giving him not some tea. He says he doesn't want anymore and starts to work on a plan to catch the bad guys lieutenant dave. Sandy says she wants to let them have the pearls. Because they're not worth mike's life. But mike says it's not about the pearls anymore. It's a personal grudge. He needs dave's help to put them on tv now. Mike is going to use the underwater television camera to catch the. The's he shows. Dave how it's going to work as he pans across the island. Just mike points to camera towards dave in. Sandi dave says hey look at the prettiest girl in blue island has sandy strikes. Oppose the camera. And she says she's the only girl on lulu island as mike looks to take off underwater. Sandy gives him a big kiss for luck. And mike says he's never had any better luck back underwater with the tv camera. Mike is waiting for all three villains as they are. Now jumping in the water to steal the pearls but this time one of them has a spear gun. Mike has the tv camera pointed at the pro beds. But there's a problem. The bad guys are coming from the wrong direction and they're not on tv. The ambush mike. Who's only hope is to move maneuver them into the frame of a camera. Chaos prevails as they fight and slash at one. another finally might get them to the pearl beds. The spear gun is fired and strikes the bed. Fortunately sandy is watching and as yells to dave look at this cast off now. The cops are headed to the fight during the fight. Mike's left arm is slashed but he continues fighting pulling a regulator out of one of the bad guys. Mouth just then. He sees the to hawaiian police officers free diving or swimming trucks. And says they look like angels with the odds now even justice prevails and the bad guys lose again in the final scene near back on the shore of an allure island. Mike's arms bandage. Dave asks in the. He needs a ride back to honolulu. Sandy tells dave that mike is going to be on vacation. Dave says the sandy. Nobody likes a cop. Sandy says she will give him the best testimonial but also gives mike. Another big kiss to which mike replies that is the best testimonial in my life. I'm not exactly sure where this episode was filmed for the top side scenes but it sure does look like hawaii however you never know when it comes to television or the movies. The part of sandy was played by nobu mccarthy and kendrick played lieutenant dave calcutta and here's one final interesting tidbit. This episode was remade in the nineteen eighty-seven version of sea hunt and it was titled pearl beds. And just so you know. I'm still trying to get my hands on that. One thousand nine hundred eighty seven series with ron ely. Maybe someday

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