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However wanted the hoover tuning into episode one hundred ninety seven of awards chatter the hollywood reporter's awards pie guest i'm though scott feinberg and my guest today is both the queen of the popsoul and a breakthrough actress on the music side of things her first album was released 25 years ago and she since released twelve others on route two nine grammys encompassing rb rap pop and gospel songs she's been chosen as one of the one hundred greatest singers ball time by both rolling stone and vh one and she was honored with the icon award at the two thousand seventeen billboard women and music awards meanwhile on the acting side she's been popping up on screens big and small for eighteen years in projects like the two thousand twelve movie rock of ages the two thousand thirteen tv movie betty and 'caretta and the two thousand fifteen tv special the wiz live but never his she received as much acclaim for acting as she did for her portrayal of a 1940s wife and mother on a plantation in mississippi in deary says mud down which is streaming on netflixing and to which he also contributed the song that plays over its end credits mighty river for her performance she was nominated for the best breakthrough actor gotham award won the best breakthrough actor hollywood film award and has pending best supporting actress golden globe sag and critics choice award nominations as well for mighty river she received a second golden globe nomination making her only the seventh person in history to snag globe nam's for both the performance and a song in the same year and she could easily muster the same feet again in a few weeks when the oscar nominations are announced in case you haven't figured it out yet i'm talking about the great ms mary j blige but first i was joined at the offices of the hollywood reporter by the smartest film guy i know tom doherty a cultural historian who has a professor of american studies at brandeis university where he also chairs that department dougherty got his be akhundzadeh university and then after spending two years in the peace corps in south korea both is man phd at the.

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Hoover, Reporter, Scott Feinberg discussed on Awards Chatter

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