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Sponsored by breda pest management here's channel 2 action news meteorologist brad nitz lots of sunshine today uh very little win now but a bit of a breeze picking up this afternoon out of the westnorthwest 10 to 20 miles an hour and temperatures will climb to a high of fifty today although just briefly will spend most of the afternoon in a high of sixty today most of the afternoon in the fifties bottom line is mostly sunny little breezy and cool all day today chilly tonight into tomorrow morning down to forty three in town some upper thirty's in the suburbs than sunny and a high of sixty seven tomorrow and then a little warmer on friday although we start at forty eight we'll get to 73 friday afternoon with a mostly sunny sky nice weather for your friday evening but then as we head into the weekend emma fiveday forecast for saturday and sunday the weekend will be wet first half saturday showers and a few storms likely ahead of a cold front low fifty three high sixty three and you're a a chance at eighty percent for saturday but quick clearing by sunday morning and there will be mostly sunny windy and chilly low forty high fifty four down into the '30s sunday night and into monday morning recapping the forecast for today mostly sunny and a high of sixty right now forty three on peachtree street i'm channel 2 action news meteorologist brad nitz wsb are back to the roads we go triple team traffic and here's smilin' mark mckay the wave of highway no longer the grabble out the left shoulder hurd nobody at mountain industrial boulevard but heavy delays we've already crippled geographic alert gravel adviser to broke robert backed up apart update out traffic trooper claire says new trouble 85southbound before indian trail in a centre lane that's keeping jammed up back.

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