FBI, Media Reports, Donald Trump discussed on The Jim Bohannon Show


Week later cnn was airing breaking news naming priebus according to multiple us sources the network said that the fbi rejected the white house request the publicly knockdown media reports about communication between donald trump's associates and russians known to the us intelligence and of quote and right there with their mission is the very important portion of it yes which is the fbi went to the white house yes said this is untrue right and it seems like what they're sanoussi the priebus just went to the fbi unsolicited ants and said you guys need to squash his story exile which which would look like they're trying to cover something up right quashed the media story we need you to come out and basically help us out here and this of course we know what happened you know subsequently with with priebus the the damage was really done which if you look at this this is this this this honestly is a hit job if all is through an accurate and priebus as as howard kurtz writes the book priebus was stunned by the implication that he was pressuring law enforcement by had he been set up why was the fbi leaking this information when one of its top officials had initiated the conversation colmey assured previous that afternoon that he hasn't done anything wrong but the story reverbrating for days is right ryan spree priebus line about the fbi slate ask rights previous should resign a boston globe columnist demanded the damage was done in that's directly from howard kurtz book and so what they're saying is that you had the accu the accusation is at least in the howard kurtz book that mccabe and the fbi and colmey because remember colmey was than a part of the conversation if he called him later on this afternoon it means him in mccabe were talking and so uh you know they went and said no the stories complete bs were getting killed here do something about it next thing you know cnn's broadcasting that you know they're sources inside the fbi which can only be can only come from mccabe or combing it had to be one of the two are not both our our our uh you know the the.

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