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Washington 43 last night to tie up their first round series at a game apiece. Carolina Beat Nashville 5 to 2 to take a one Nothing lead in the Avalanche beat the Blues, 4 to 1 in Game one of that Syriza there before more games today, starting with the Flames and the Canucks at four o'clock, you confined more sports and access W D win, right. Thank you Much can't appreciate that 25 minutes after six o'clock as we move into this new morning, and maybe you're moving toward new project Summer is coming on fast. We got Memorial Day coming up two weeks from yesterday. A lot of folks and I have a little time on their hands again is they get out and take care of more projects Last year was the year of projects for sure. And Howard Brothers knows how to make sure you get what you need to get those projects taking care of. Maybe it's paint and that's a great way to freshen things up without putting a whole lot of money into it, And they're really not a whole lot of effort, either. I look so good with a fresh coat of paint, and you can change the colors change your decor. If you're looking to kind of maybe spruce things up a bit. Benjamin Moore. They've got great quality. Benjamin Moore paints. What do you need to paints? If it's cabinetry, they can check. It gets in touch with that great events product. We should say, fantastic job of repainting cabinets and giving it a nice protected finish. And the color choices are fantastic. It's whatever you want it to be. But here's something else you're taking care of mowing the grass. I'm hearing the blowers. I'm hearing the mowers and folks are trying to get their machines to work properly. They've got the service department just hitting it and getting it Now they've got a lot of folks and they're getting service done. But they're getting those orders turned around as fast as they can. And here's one of the things I really like about how our brothers Their website is comprehensive Howard brothers dot com Take a look at that. You could look up anything that you need to find their find out information about hardware about the Benjamin Moore paints. We were talking about latest sales and those sorts of things, but also if you look under outdoor power equipment, you can find out about the parts. You can look up parts you could get in touch with the parts team. You could take a look at the factory promotions and see all the services that they offer and make sure that your equipment is running properly. Of course they have. Honda Walker Echo Skaggs Steel X mark all the brands that you want. You get the job done that you need to do to keep things looking good around your home and, of course, fasteners basic hardware. They're going to take care of their good old fashioned hardware store and some other things that you might expect. Especially if we get into trailer season. Folks taking the campers out taking the boats out. Make sure that you have all those accessories you need for your trailers and your hitches to make sure that they're running. And they're working properly. So I check him out How our brothers you're gonna find him in five locations as Athens. Alfa Rhetta, Doraville, Duluth and of course in Oakwood, and that is of Howard Brothers. Outdoor Power and hardware. Great sponsors here and great folks, You'll love him. Also a great place to pick up a grill. It's 6 27 North Georgia's news dog, Wdun..

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