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Because, that's the one you can have like the Golden Valley Mill. That's a good job at work shirt. Not Don Davis Barbecue that was just another fictional restaurant. But that's okay, baby. That doesn't matter what happened. On monsters from appleby. Still. Trying to decide if Jason! Derulo was a defillo. In US yesterday, but did you guys see the video of him? Ripping his teeth out? Just solve a story. Just seeing the picture I watched the video of it, and it looks pretty damn painful. So he took a a piece of corn, no one but a corncob put it on a drill, and you know eating like that on Tiktok and it ripped. It broke off, it broke. To frontier. Scene is I've always wanted to try. that. Car. Corn. Out? Oh it broke them in half. We're ready, could you? Just see what you play the song. Ready Ready. For Manhattan. Freddie, oh. That's me standing at the garage door, waiting my what? Downstairs sticking your head up the stairway yellow death, it's. Six forty right in the event. You were supposed to be at started at six. And this is. This is her five more minute, call. GotTa. Should. sporty smaller I in being here. I know I know you yelling doesn't help. Kick less you want me to start. What could possibly be doing? What? Time BMC. The Radio Hall of fame for. Why are you going to be such a deed? Yeah. Yes, I'm ready so what? You didn't have your shoes on you. Through the room. Through the window. Anyway. We have to make that a long-term bit. We're just freaking wives running late. Jonathan's gentleman. came out and said that. Blind was just about all women are. We seem to run lake when they're trying to go to. Get. A huge it. Is next powers. You WanNa John. Fan..

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