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Percent. Chances Hurricane another good one if you put them in then it's totally different story Obviously it's all about consistency and new. If you want to win the title in the you've got to be consistent and you've got to put those type of games away and then fortunately they didn't do that today. Unfortunately that Fallen back into the game. Got to give them credit as well played a very very tough game that give everything they had. That's what to expect because they fight early gatien so once it's called the equalizer they even try to go. Go full reno there. So it's a lost fo- spurs absolutely lost opportunity to catch up with the top two That's that's the way it went from. The only time spurs did anything in the second half really of note was when i got the equaliser kick out the back side. They needed to get back into life. But you think come on. You know you're supposed to be a team that we talked about being a title contender just a month ago. Why can't you take a stranglehold on the side on you finish them off a simply because one of shen normally to play contracting and meaning playing contract in this in fact that you don't on the ball you don't you leave the ball to the others and you run after the ball and guatemala just made an interview seeing that they've been struggling My city because of the ball and they were running after the ball indicate the they were getting tired. As you can set i think tottenham at many many chance in the first alfred scored it would have been would have been another story but because you run after the ball and i think lamb did very well keeping the ball and making is first running the they got tired and beginning to make the for the two the second half because they couldn't anymore and esther.

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