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It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio hosts, we Jordan Morris. Boy detective are we doing a little. Vata jordan. Yeah. Every week brought to you by all of the kind people who go to maximum fund dot org slash donate to become members of maximum fund dot org. May heaven on high bless each and everyone each week all. Got and words. Dates cash too. Show. We're also brought to you this. We could buy squares. Jordan. If you've got an endeavor, and I'm not just talking about space. Shuttles. I'm talking about. Creative projects. Sure, I'm talking about small businesses. I'm talking about cool ideas. I'm talking about. Other collections. Yeah. That was cool idea. It's probably had to have a hat collect. If you're trying to visit every MLB ballpark. Yeah. You're going to need a cool website for your cool idea. Yeah. Here's what you're going to want to do if you wanna make a cool website, turn your idea into something. People can look at on the internet. You gonna wanna go to squarespace dot com and inter offer code JJ go when you check out it's the number one place to go to build beautiful, customizable, websites from beautiful templates created by world class designers. And I'm glad you brought that up. Yes. Because I have a concern that some of square spaces competitors may be using regional designers. Well, let's don't even visit those competitors. Say Tom, that's where the world glass designers. Don't use third tier designers. Why would you are you some sort of third tier chump? I'm here. No third tier jump through on scores. You're listening to this show eight noth third tier chump, but Jordan what what if I get stuck. What if I'm in the middle of creating beautiful website for my great idea from world-class templates? And I and I and I'm at a loss, but it's three clock in the morning. No, one could possibly support me in this endeavor. At that time. You bless where you're wrong because squarespace has twenty four seven award winning customer support. I have personally used really. Yeah. I I've squarespace websites that I really like. Yeah. I made some changes recently dot com dot net..

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