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Years see more bombs more you market with each other on Bloomberg radio coming up we're gonna be talking about tie ups in the boutique broker dealer space Piper Jaffray agreeing to buy Sandler o'neill would talk about why and who may be next plus we're gonna hear from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and red hat CEO Jim Whitehurst right now its head over to Gregg Jarrett free press this movie is still in the red release led lower by materials utility stocks investors are looking a recent profit warnings and her standing by for more clues on the path for U. S. monetary policy they expect coming congressional testimony in the next couple of days Mickey levy Bernburg capital markets chief U. S. Americas Asia economists tells Bloomberg a fed cut will not come to the rescue of this economy financial market absolutely love when central banks fees but will it really help the economy and the answer is no take your all of the problems facing Europe or non monetary they're all about brexit China how is more monetary ease gonna help we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg ready of the S. and P. five hundred about a tenth of a percent out for that was down four tenths of a percent a hundred thirteen of the nasdaq up attempt which sent up nine ten years down one thirty second kneel two point zero five percent was Texas intermediate crude is down two tenths percent fifty seven fifty seven umbrella comics gold is little changed at fourteen hundred dollars an ounce the dollar yen is a one oh eight seventy for the euro dollar twelve ten of the bridge found a dollar twenty four seventy let's stick with your foot see is down two tenths of a percent of action for me down nine tenths of percent cap the players so that's a Bloomberg business flash with mark market continues out with each other thank you so much Gregg.

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