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Shutdown noun. It's thirty seconds day. Republican plan include President Trump's five point seven billion dollar requests for border wall money in exchange for temporary changes to immigration laws. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says it's a strong proposal and the only thing on the table. The democratic proposals is a stopgap funding Bill to reopen the government until February eighth to allow border security talks to continue. But I was Nancy Pelosi says the issue is about more than border wall money had the president every time he has an objection to say, I'll shut down government until you come to my way of thinking understand that is part of the point of this. If we hold the boys hostage now their hostage forever. It's not clear if either proposal has the votes to pass the Senate and immigration rights advocates say funding for a border wall. Isn't the only reason they oppose the president's proposal to reopen the government as NPR's Joel rose reports they say it also contains major changes to US asylum law that amount to a poison pill. Immigrant rights groups were quick to oppose the president's proposal over the weekend. Now that they've seen the full language of the Bill they found even more reasons not to like it. They're calling the proposal a Trojan horse that includes big changes to US immigration law. That were not mentioned in the president's announcement including provisions that would prevent children from Central America from applying for asylum at the border and sharply. Limit the number could apply from their home countries. The president said the proposal would provide a three year reprieve for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are protected from deportation by Dhaka and other protections. But immigration experts said the proposed Bill would actually cover fewer people than the programs, currently, protect Joel rose NPR news. Teachers in Los Angeles have reached a tentative deal with the city school district with hopes of ending a six-day strike, but more than thirty thousand educators. NPR's Eliza Nadkarni has more union members will vote on the proposal tonight in order to end a strike and send teachers back into the classroom. The leaders remain optimistic in Los Angeles for city that embraced the idea that public education matters that children matter that teachers matter today is a day full of good news. That's L as mayor Eric Garcetti at a press conference announcing the deal. This is the beginning of making sure that L A gets the schools that they deserve the new deal addresses, teachers salaries and smaller classes, community schools charters among other things, but union and district leaders did not share details. Listen to NPR news. Australia's lower by the closing bell. The Dow was on three hundred one points at twenty four thousand four hundred four that's a one point two percent drop. The NASDAQ down one hundred thirty six points. That's a one point four percent drop and the S and P five hundred thirty seven points. This is NPR. The supreme court could soon rule whether a Phoenix business that sells wedding invitations may refuse to serve same sex. Couples for member station K J Z in Phoenix. We'll stone reports the court heard oral arguments today in the high profile case the owners of brushing studio are challenging of Phoenix law. They say would force them to design invitation celebrating same sex, weddings. They say that goes against their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman attorney Jonathan Scruggs is representing the two women who owned the printing business Phoenix is telling these young women to forget the faith that inspires their work to the faith that inspires them to create and speak. Messages to remain silent about the messages. They wanna convey the city argues the business wants a blank check to refuse services to gay people. And the law only requires them to make the same kind of invitations. They would I straight couple for NPR news. I'm stone in Phoenix. Toyota and Panasonic are launching a joint venture next year to make batteries for electric vehicles. The new company signals a shift in strategy for Toyota, the world's second. Biggest automaker until now it's been heavily invested hybrid vehicles. Like, the Prius and hydrogen fuel cell cars the joint venture signals. Toyota's portioned a battery powered all electric cars, it plans to offer an all electric model of every car at sells by the year twenty twenty-five oil prices lower by the closing bell down.

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