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And they certainly kept this team in the game well into the well, it you said you in the fourth quarter couldn't get a stop while they kept the offense in the game and gave him three quarters to take control of the game. And the offense couldn't do it. So. Yeah. To me if you're looking to assess blame I put it on the offense before it put it on anybody else. Okay. Then and Hollis's made this argument just a few minutes ago that because that's happening. And you get a penalty on on a conversion right Doug Peterson trained us you go for to there. And it didn't even sound like it was a serious consideration. Twenty three twenty two. You're at the one yard line. You try to get the lead there with a minute thirty nine ago. No, I wouldn't have you do not, okay. Doug is done that a lot. I know I know, and I and I kinda thought he would I kinda thought he would I I actually thought he might go for it. Even before the penalty, you know, I thought when he had the choice there. I thought he might go for it right there. Just giving his nature. Right. I mean, he's a he's a guy that tends to tends to go for it, no spots. But I think he had he just didn't feel good about the way. His offense was was executing and the whole game. And I kind of agree with them there. I mean, if you now when the penalty comes up, and then you have the option of taking it half the distance. And now you got the two point conversion from the one yard line instead of the two that becomes a different decision. You know, and but he said even he was not going to take the points off the board and can't say, I blame them. I mean, if he goes for it, and they don't get it. You know, now you're kicking the ball back to the Cowboys and giving him the ball with a minute and a half to go man, you're behind now, and all they all very easy for them to you got to get the ball back and try and score. And that would have been very easy one first down ends the game. So I think. Inc. I probably going through his mind. He realizes defense was probably pretty tired and taking them into overtime. There's a chance that they might just run out of gas, which I think the kind of did. But on a day when you're one for nine on third down, and you're not executing or making plays in those kinds of situations. All day. To put it all on one play like that. Even a gambler like, Doug. I think realized that was an awfully high risk decision to make one for nine on third downs. The guy at the controls is Carson Wentz? By the way today is the anniversary of his torn as one year ago today at happen. Analyzes performance yesterday. Not very good. Very good. And it's that's it's one of those examples why you have a statistics and the numbers can lie to you. I mean, if you look if you look at it he had one hundred and twenty point three quarterback efficiency rating yesterday. I mean, if you just look at if you just look at that you'd say, wow, he played pretty good. But the fact is he didn't. And it's. But I mean it was for three quarters. I mean, he just couldn't make a play really. And the he he was just so often as throws from for most of the day..

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