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It is hardly as easy is that i didn't mean to suggest that it was easy out but whether you're a state or not under international laws is a matter of fact it's not a matter of recognition and as a matter of fact that has the at all the attributes of a state that is population territory exclusive monopoly on the on the use of force within it's territory and an ability to to conduct international relations now will it be recognised by guess is that it will did all the concerns that have been raised not only by regional powers but also by america by britain by many international pows as well i was the first us ambassador to croatia which broke away from yugoslavia and this is exactly the same story in fact really the pressure to keep yougoslavia together was much more tense than the international reaction to this referendum on the perspective independence of kurdistan the kurds have been the forefront of the world's attention these recent years they've been they the people who successfully fought against the islamic state within the iraqi army collapsed have generated a lot of sympathy in uh in washington and in the european capitals an undue thousand a year who think that that will serve them well while of course it will serve them well that's the lie of the land many thanks indeed from american ambassador who advises the kogo the kurdistan regional government that was peter galbraith italy's day from the bbc world service 10 minutes past the hour lawrence poland and clement done with you today thanks for joining us at christon in is standing by with the sport and i we're going to preempt has slightly by talking about us president donald trump under fire from leading figures in the sport swelled in the states in a row over the national anthem over the weekend he criticised american football league players who refused to stand during the anthem saying they should be fun it would love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag they say get that son of a job the bill right now fire you know some owners going to do that they'll be the most popular person in this country well lots of sports stars of come out against the president's stand during while america's greatest basketball star lebron james church not only grid on its other sports as well we've been speaking about some of the issues here with.

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