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Conservative then donald trump and if donald trump were to be removed from office over to leave office they would be a normal wellspring of support just like there was for gerald ford when he succeeded richard nixon back in 1974 so i don't know from a purely democratic point of view if that is helpful but there's a lot of reasons to dislike donald trump k he's wealthy he's arrogant on he has led a a life that has opened himself up too many questions and many criticisms there's lots of reasons to dislike donald trump but we are still a nation of laws in not of men and of course i am neath say persons has to be politically correct the law is supposed to be applied fairly now bob moller these special counts you've heard me talk to a couple of fun a legal experts about bob muller he has a reputation uh of a tough prosecutor talk to harvey silverglate about that and at times an unfair prosecutor moller has sixty lawyers a total staff of over three dozen people gun you got a big operation going on so they can't afford to come up with nothing and it seems to me that after the indictments of the thirteen russian individuals thirteen russian companies none of which will ever be prosecuted they'll never be in the united states uh they need something and it's become apparent to me in the last few days that robert mollah will try anything he can and for as long as he can to go out after donald trump that is the scalp muller watch bob muller does not want to shut this investigation down and say guess what we looked and we couldn't find any problems at all he's got a few little indictments nice little foundation and is that good for this country i don't think so i don't think so the investigation has gone on as far as i'm concerned for very long time if the a was collusion with russia which is what the purpose of this investigation was supposed to be from from day one okay that's what it was intended to investigate from day one i think they would have founded by now but i'm more interested in europe thoughts has gone on too long or do you just wanted to go on forever so let's see what people i have to.

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