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Human like plaque casting bever throw this show the extent of his don't ask single you already know tavern show a symbol or a simple guy with a simple thing the savage hello everyone and welcome to the terron show i have an amazing guest this week very very interested this guy one of my favorite big brother players of all time godfrey manguiza from big brother candidate three how you doing godfrey all right man just survive in yes godfrey was the runner up of big brother candidate through robbed of his rightful victory only robbery way you get to keep your wallet man but was not a good night for me i hope you still give gordon give jordan crap every time you see him ten minutes friends literally like my that's like a monthly tradition reminding jamie about so so godfrey when do when did you like get into big brother we're having had you been a fan of it before you went on the show so interesting thing the first time i ever watched big brother at all was actually back in zimbabwe africa they had a spin off of version of it which was big brother africa in which basically would have one person from each continent come in representing the continent and they live in house you know voter out and then i remember watching it pretty interesting that's before i even really was into the whole psychology of the game the social play i just thought it was cool that these people are getting to live on camera and then you could watch everything they get to do and this seem to be a lot of job in it so that's the first time i ever became a million with a term big brother but when i really became a fan of the show was when i moved here into canada and then i watched my first season which was season ten.

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