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Products. Dr. Levin, welcome back to the program. Oh, it's great to be here with you today, Pat. Hey, you know, I just mentioned is a toxic world We're living in the environment is absolutely polluted. And I gotta tell you, I'm still shocked by what you sent me. This EPA At tissue survey that basically shows that we're all contaminated by plastics and solvents, virtually 100% of us in our tissue. It's downright scary stuff, right? Absolutely. This is a scary subject. And as you mentioned that EPA fact issue survey that was done on 33,000 U. S residents, they found Turpin's plastics, chemicals, solvents in 100% of samples, so basically pad We're all contaminated. Then the environmental working group back in 2006 found that tap water in 42 States system, Tammi nated by more than 140 unregulated chemicals, Pat, this is the craziest thing of all they do. Studies of available for it blood. They find dozens of chemicals in umbilical cord blood. So I mean, what are we going to do about this? What are we going to do about this toxic environment to cleanse and detoxify our systems on a daily basis? That's the question. So how do we do that? It will. That's where this next generation organic juice cleanse with our special liver support. Blend comes in handy because it has over 30 different superfoods. They nourish all the cells and tissues of your body. You get the vitamins, the minerals, the fighter nutrients that we miss. When we don't get that 79 servings a day recommended by the FDA, the USDA of fruits and vegetables on Top of that, because it's u S. D a certified organic. We're not getting any of the pesticides, herbicides just all that pure organic produce that supports all our tissues. But on top of that goes to work supporting the liver in its job of cleansing, the tox defying the systems, you get that cleansing every single day with O. J. C on top of that, Pat best news of all today. We're giving away a free bottle of O. J. C to everybody in the listening audience. Now, purity isn't saying that they're organic juice. Cleanse can fix everything, but they are saying that it could be a compelling part of the solution. In fact, the organic juice cleanse is one of the hottest products purity is launched. Probably in the last 10 years. Everybody knows how hot juicing is these days and O. J. C is really organic juicing made simple. So tell everybody about the organic juice Cleanse and why you call it a quote unquote game changer. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, we know that using is sweeping the nation. We know it's super healthy, but the problem is, you know it's messy, and it's a big hassle..

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