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Truth and defending liberty since eighteen forty four this is Hillsdale college that is Liz Cheney how are you congresswoman Hey mark I'm doing great how are you well you know I'm annoyed while you're on the house floor you see that Nancy Pelosi violates the rules by calling the president a racist she is ruled her violated the rules up by the parliamentarian which is announced by the number two Democrat Steny Hoyer and then they have a vote well too bad her language gets to stay in the record and we wrote that she didn't violate the rules now what kind of a house of representatives as well I I at I think what happened today on the floor is an absolute tragedy and it showed that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats yeah they're willing to overturn precedent that goes back to the very first Congress about conduct on the floor of the house about the other kind of language is acceptable on the floor of the house in the past you know the last time the speaker's words were taken down with a nineteen eighty four and normally yeah and it as in this case that she was offered the opportunity you know immediately with clear what she had said when she said the president's tweets or racist language is not allowed on the house floor as she had the opportunity to withdraw her remarks to rephrase and she refused to do it and instead she stormed off the Florida house and through the floor into chaos then you had a Democrat abandon the chair I mean it was it was really a disgrace and because of that the sequence of events you outlined her words were taken down but then what the Democrats did with essentially overturn what the chair had ruled and and basically said all right well from now on you know it's perfectly alright to use the word racist on the for the house representatives and essentially anything anybody says is okay as long as the majority vote you know not to strike the words on the record I mean it was it was really I think behavior by the speaker in particular demonstrating a total lack of regard for this institution and I think it really called into question her fitness believe this institution well tell you what else calls in her question the question of fitness for her to leave the institution you have a couple members of the house of representatives who are out of the closet anti Semites yeah and it's no surprise that out of the closet anti Semites say horrific things about their own country this country they tend to overlap you have representative mark time and time again who is said some of the most vicious things about Jews and the state of Israel which is a Jewish state and Nancy Pelosi waters down a resolution so that everybody who criticizes anybody who's criticized who makes it an outrageous statement and I and I look at this hi I just you know I try to put the media out of my mind as much as possible the president's tweets I look at the reaction to his tweets in comparison to the reaction to what Omar has said to leave is said and done a see whether concentration can comment I we little over the top with respect to the president and a little under the bottom with respect to these three women there's no question I I think that that you know the way that they are conducting themselves and you know you you start with the anti semitism and here you have once again a democratic leadership and it's Nancy Pelosi at any horror you know to members who claimed that they support the state of Israel who claim that they stand against anti semitism but when it came down to condemning byname Ilana mark for her remarks when it came down to the question.

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