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Both the audience said coach got on the knees. Get em up. Get em up. He backs you orbs up or our guys. So y'all wouldn't have made it with my coaches. I said you know right now. They would have had doing so many extra running laps. So i'm gonna go. But i do love jump. Rope me a mastered. That was one thing that really helped me out there. Michael barr career done both. Obviously but i'm gonna go. Jeff drope rovan fun because it obviously is is actually a total body workout. Once you hit it long enough your arms guinness shape. Your chest gets there. You wonder why boxers look the way they do really boxes. Don't lift weights. They just punch the bag a ton of push-ups and a lot of quirk out and all of them don't live will say back. In the day they pride into a whole lot of lifting but now they probably do but you gotta see a lot of their physiques off. Jump roping and so. It's a good workout for everybody and So i could go jump broken for me in final this or that dot kant or techmo bowl. It's talking about these contact mobile we is. This is a tough one for me. But i'm gonna have to go. I say the one that probably had the best memories between beat my de and in play with my high school buddies. Like i was explaining with dr kevin james their tech mobile all day Ten mobile is the game first official sports game that i play all day. We got nerdy texas tech mobile. All durrie there it is. I kinda got dropped on this earth a little too late. i think to get into tech mobile dot com. That was the first one for me because like my system was a genesis sega genesis. Figure though my mom was a gamer and she had the original any ask that we had the duck hunt gun or gray and the core connect to the nintendo. So i gotta go dot com. That's really the first game i played. I'm gonna to take mobile. Can i go in tech mobile because there was the techmo bowl in the super. The super was the way better. One right and way more teams. Would you first part you cut out. A techmo. bowl is different than super tech mobile. So i'm i mean. This is a few different teams different players. Tecmo superbowl is super bowl or super tecmo superbowl. Sorry it had is terrible super bowl. And i think a imitate correctly. It might have been the fact. I think know totem abo- had walter payton and the bears eighty five defense super tecmo bowl didn't have the eighty five bears. But they had walter payton then. Bo jackson was on obviously for both games. But i think he was. the bears. Eighty five bears on tech mobile. Super was just the like the whatever after five years. Well either way. I think i'm gonna go tech mobile. I just thought it was more far there. You go. that's this or that big boom. Says he loves both both are great but he gogo techmo bowl and also he puts in their excite bike s excite by. I might have to put down in next week at contra. Oh who knows the code. I wanna go up up right. Left right left right. B a ba select stark. Fifty men on controversial.

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